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Soap Dispensers

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Quality Hand Soap Dispensers to Suit Every Washroom

If you’re looking for high-quality commercial soap dispensers in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! We have an extensive range of liquid soap dispensers that look good and are robust enough to handle the high traffic of commercial washrooms. Davidson Washroom offers:

  • Bulk fill and cartridge models
  • Liquid, spray and foam soap dispensers
  • Automatic sensor models
  • Soap dispensers that are easy to fit, easy to clean, and easy to use
  • Stylish Stainless Steel and ABS plastic models

Hand Hygiene Made Easy

We have automatic soap dispensers for sensitive areas, large bulk fill dispensers for high traffic areas, vanity-mounted and wall-mounted soap dispensers, Stainless Steel units for added strength or prestige… The list goes on! Our range of available soap dispensers in Australia is comprehensive, stylish, high-quality, and has been proven over many years of commercial application. With industry-leading brands including Bobson, Poseer, and Mediclinics, we have a commercial soap dispenser to suit every situation. We are also the only Australian distributor of the European-designed and manufactured Mediclinics range of soap dispensers. Give us a call now to make an order!

Which commercial soap dispenser models are available at Davidson Washroom?

  • A horizontal, wall-mounted soap dispenser – this commercial soap dispenser is made from Stainless Steel, which is what makes it extremely sleek and stylish. This product has a capacity of 1.2 l and it is lockable, which makes it ideal for use in washroom and kitchen preparation areas. The high-grade brushed Stainless Steel is very durable and vandal-proof, which is another benefit you should bear in mind.
  • A vanity-mount soap dispenser – this model is mounted below the vanity or sink, whereas only the push spout protrudes from the bench. The push spout comes in two heights – 4’’ and 6’’, which makes it suitable for most washrooms that require the hidden elegance this model provides. The hidden bottle can hold 1 l of liquid soap and it is perfectly vandal-proof.
  • An automatic soap dispenser – this commercial bathroom soap dispenser comes in two styles – the first one dispenses liquid soap, whereas the other one is an automatic foam soap dispenser (commercial). Both of these models are automatic, wall-mounted, and made from Stainless Steel. They have a capacity of 1 l and have a very functional, robust, and trendy design that matches the majority of washrooms. Both of them are suitable for high-traffic facilities.
  • An automatic spray soap dispenser – this soap dispenser is automatic and has a capacity of 800 ml. It was designed for both spray hand soap and hand sanitiser, so bear that in mind if you are looking for a commercial soap dispenser in Australia. This product dispenses 0.4 ml of spray soap per dose and requires three C alkaline batteries to operate.

These are just some of the incredible soap dispensers you can find on our website. So, if you are in need of a commercial soap dispenser for your washroom or restroom, give us a phone call and we will help you find a perfect match!

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