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Mediclinics – the Company

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Mediclinics Hand Dryers – Reliable & Innovative

Mediclinics is the world’s largest exporter of hand dryers. They have built a reputation for extreme reliability and market leading features and performance. European design, manufacture and components guarantee extraordinary quality, and constant innovation keeps Mediclinics at the cutting edge. Great quality brings great confidence. Experience it for yourself with every Mediclinics product purchase

European Style and High Quality

Mediclinics have been making hand dryers for over 25 years. Starting with the Saniflow, which is still a market darling, they have developed the largest range of quality hand dryers on the market. Mediclinics now produce over 100,000 units annually, from their manufacturing facility in Spain. They meet or exceed a huge range of international certification requirements. They have two of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers available, the Mediclinics Dualflow and the Mediclinics Speedflow, and the best warranties available. Distributed in over 80 countries, Mediclinics hand dryers are truly world class – and they are supplied and supported (by Davidson Washroom) right across Australia.

Mediclinics: From Sydney International to Old Trafford

Mediclinics hand dryers are very easy to specify for any type of building project; they are high quality, beautifully styled machines with market leading features and performance. Mediclinics hand dryers can be found at:

  • Walmart: One of the largest retailers in the US, Walmart are specifying Mediclinics Speedflow hand dryers for all their future developments
  • Cinemark: One of the largest cinema chains in the Americas, with over 2700 screens, is specifying the Mediclinics Speedflow for all future developments.
  • Sports Stadia: Including Old Trafford (the home of Manchester United, in the UK) and the Sydney Olympics venue
  • The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain
  • The European Parliament in Belgium
  • The New York Stock Exchange
  • The Prado Museum, Madrid
  • KMart stores across the US
  • International airports: Including Sydney, Madrid, O’Hare (Chicago), JFK (NY)
  • Restaurant chains: Including Subway, Burger King, Dominos Pizza and Dunkin Donuts
  • Universities: Including Rochester (NY), Central Michigan, San Diego State and Ottawa


Mediclinics: Quality

Motors from Italy, heating elements from Germany, PC boards from Spain – there are no cheap, imported components in a Mediclinics machine. Quality assurance, to demanding European guidelines, and stringent international certification requirements for design, performance and safety, all add up to the extraordinary quality of manufacture. Add to this, quality design; understanding the needs of washroom users (and owners) and using the latest technology and research to create increasingly better solutions. Great quality inspires great confidence. We are so confident in the Mediclinics machines, after many years of distributing them, that we’ve backed them with the best warranties in their respective classes.

Mediclinics: Experience

Nothing replaces experience – and Mediclinics have been able to refine their products to the point that the machines are very easy to use and cost effective to own. They are mechanically reliable, ergonomically superb and aesthetically pleasing. Many of the product features aren’t even listed, they are just considered part of the design. Tiny design details that come from endless testing and responding to real life situations (ranging from the pragmatic to the bizarre).

Mediclinics: In Australia

Mediclinics hand dryers have been sold in Australia for a number of years, under a variety of different names, including Mediclinics. Despite great customer satisfaction, they haven’t achieved a huge profile in Australia, but we’re planning to change that over the next few years. The combination of quality, features, performance and price is very compelling. With two of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers on the market, and the largest range of machines available, we expect that you’ll be hearing a lot more about Mediclinics.