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5 Steps to Washing Your Hands Properly Every Time

Washing our hands is something we all do several times a day – after bathroom breaks, to stop the spread of colds and flus and…

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A Look at Hand Hygiene Day and Why It’s So Important

Our hands are wonderful things – with them we can create, grow, care and nurture. However, because we use our hands in so many ways…

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A Look at Hand Washing Versus Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol hand sanitizer has seen a huge rise in use in the past decade, particularly within healthcare and medical environments. One of the biggest advantages…

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How Many Germs Are Your Hands Harbouring?

How clean are your hands right now? Can you really tell? It can be difficult to comprehend just how clean or dirty our hands can…

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Choosing Hand Dryers for Restaurant Bathrooms

The search for commercial hand dryers for restaurant bathrooms can quickly get confusing. Which size, speed, profile and finish should you be choosing from the…

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Speedflow hand dryer

What’s More Effective: Hand Dryers or Paper Towels?

Paper towels and electric hand dryers are both commonly used in commercial spaces, but which is the most effective option at drying hands? This has…

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Hand Dryer Heights for Disabled Toilets in Australia

Hand Dryer Heights & Considerations for Disabled Toilets in Australia Close to one in five Australians live with some sort of disability. These disabilities often…

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How to Install a Hand Dryer

If you need to install a new hand dryer in your commercial washroom, the process doesn’t need to be a complicated one. Follow these steps…

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How to Dry Your Hands with Just One Paper Towel

We’ve all seen it – hundreds of single-use paper towels piled up in a wastepaper basket or worse, all over a washroom floor. Using a…

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Interview With eHA Founding Member Dan Dryer

‘Electric Hand Drying is the Future’ Says Susanne Friis Eden, eHA Founding Member & Managing Director of DAN DRYER There has been a widely-publicised debate…

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