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How Many Germs Are Your Hands Harbouring?

How clean are your hands right now? Can you really tell? It can be difficult to comprehend just how clean or dirty our hands can be sometimes – after all, it’s not like we can see bacteria with the naked eye. Many of us don’t quite realise what our hands could be harbouring and how… Details
Commercial bathroom sink and paper towel dispenser in restaurant

Choosing Hand Dryers for Restaurant Bathrooms

The search for commercial hand dryers for restaurant bathrooms can quickly get confusing. Which size, speed, profile and finish should you be choosing from the endless options available? When you are searching for restroom hand dryers for restaurants of any size or type, look through our guide to choosing the features that suit your business.… Details

What’s More Effective: Hand Dryers or Paper Towels?

Paper towels and electric hand dryers are both commonly used in commercial spaces, but which is the most effective option at drying hands? This has been the subject of many studies and reports over the last few years but the answer depends on a few different factors, so let’s weigh up the pros and cons… Details
Hand Dryer Heights for Disabled Toilets in Australia

Hand Dryer Heights for Disabled Toilets in Australia

Hand Dryer Heights & Considerations for Disabled Toilets in Australia Close to one in five Australians live with some sort of disability. These disabilities often make even the simplest everyday activities more challenging, thus it is vital to carefully consider and plan disabled access spaces for ease and optimal usability. This includes planning your new… Details
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How Should Sharps be Handled and Disposed Of?

You may know that you need to install sharps disposal units in your healthcare or public setting, but what constitutes best practice and local legislation for the disposal of sharps? We cover the essentials below. What are the benefits of safe disposal for sharps? There are a number of crucial advantages to having safe sharps… Details