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Understanding the Rules with Disabled Bathroom Hand Dryers

If you’re in charge of managing bathroom facilities in a public place or workplace, you’ll no doubt want to be sure that your disabled bathrooms are easily accessible for the more than 4 million Aussies who live with some sort of disability. True accessibility comes down to a matter of millimetres, so it’s vital to… Details
The Right Hand Dryer for Your Commercial Business

The Right Hand Dryer for Your Commercial Business

Hand dryers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And with science and technology constantly evolving, it’s hard to know which commercial hand dryer is best for you. A good hand dryer will quickly dry hands in an effective and hygienic way. But how do you choose the right commercial hand dryer for your… Details
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The Link Between Poor Sanitation and Your Overall Health

If someone told you that it would take a bit of soap, some water and 30 seconds to save a life, would you believe them? It may seem hard to believe, but this is the reality for millions of people around the world. Having access to clean water, proper treatment of sewage and hand washing… Details
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The Importance of Hand Washing Procedures for Food Handlers

You may have a spotless kitchen and use only the freshest ingredients, but if food handlers aren’t washing their hands properly then this could be very bad news for health and safety standards and the reputation of the business. Good hand hygiene is one of the major (and yet simplest) safeguards against spreading contamination and… Details