Our Top Tips for Maintaining Your Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are fast, effective, and modern options are more efficient and quieter than ever before, but how do you care for these machines to ensure you get the best performance and longevity for your investment? While it won’t take much effort some regular cleaning and attention can make a big difference, and can… Details
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5 Things You Need to Consider When Installing Your New Hand Dryer

Installing electric hand dryers in your washroom facilities can help you to cut down on costs, improve energy efficiency and promote excellent hand hygiene for those who use the amenities, but only if you choose and install them correctly. A little preparation can go a long way when you’re researching, buying and installing a new… Details
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Understanding the Rules with Disabled Bathroom Hand Dryers

If you’re in charge of managing bathroom facilities in a public place or workplace, you’ll no doubt want to be sure that your disabled bathrooms are easily accessible for the more than 4 million Aussies who live with some sort of disability. True accessibility comes down to a matter of millimetres, so it’s vital to… Details
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Conventional Hand Dryers vs. High Speed Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are now an expected feature in many public facilities, but it can seem almost impossible to simply choose the right one! There are the tried and tested conventional hand dryers, and there are the new high speed options. In both categories, there are superior brands and models. So which option is right… Details