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Best Practices for Choosing & Installing A Horizontal Baby Change Table

If you’ve ever been shopping or travelling with young children, you’ll know how invaluable a baby changing table in commercial restrooms can be. These change…

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A Look at Hand Washing Versus Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol hand sanitizer has seen a huge rise in use in the past decade, particularly within healthcare and medical environments. One of the biggest advantages…

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A Look at Hand Hygiene Day and Why It’s So Important

Our hands are wonderful things – with them we can create, grow, care and nurture. However, because we use our hands in so many ways…

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A Guide to Installing a Hand Dryer

Hand dryer installation in a commercial facility is a job you’ll want done right the first time, as there are safety factors, regulations and bathroom…

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8 Washroom Accessories Your Commercial Washroom Needs

There are a number of bathroom accessories that you should be providing in your commercial washrooms, whether through compliance with regulations or to simply ensure…

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5 Washroom Products You Didn’t Know Your Bathroom Was Missing

Think your bathroom facilities offer all the essentials? You might be surprised by how investing in a few items can make a significant improvement to…

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5 Things You Need to Consider When Installing Your New Hand Dryer

Installing electric hand dryers in your washroom facilities can help you to cut down on costs, improve energy efficiency and promote excellent hand hygiene for…

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5 Steps to Washing Your Hands Properly Every Time

Washing our hands is something we all do several times a day – after bathroom breaks, to stop the spread of colds and flus and…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Personal Hygiene

Do you tend to be fairly blasé about washing your hands? Not so fast – you could be contributing to illness, infections and even antibacterial…

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5 Handwashing Facts & Statistics to Improve Your Hand Hygiene

Most of us believe that we’re fairly clean and hygienic people, however it may be surprising to find out that on average, we carry a…

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