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4 Things to Should Consider When Choosing a Hand Soap Dispenser for Your Commercial Washroom

As you plan appliances and accessories for your commercial washrooms, soap dispensers might be the last thing you deliberate over. It’s a simple decision, right?…

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4 Surprising Facts About Hand Dryers You Didn’t Know

If people don’t give a lot of thought to electric hand dryers, it’s probably because these unobtrusive machines are designed to make our lives easier…

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4 Steps To Cleaning Your Sanitary Bin

Having a sanitary bin is the first step to having a more hygienic bathroom, but cleaning it regularly is not only essential for the maintenance…

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4 Reasons Why a Sanitary Toilet is Important in the Workplace

The effective sanitation of toilets and sinks can mean better health and wellbeing for employees, clients and customers alike. Here’s why it pays to keep…

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in a Commercial Hand Dryer

It’s all too easy to stick with what’s already in place when it comes to workplace washroom facilities, but installing new electric hand dryers could…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Air Freshener in Your Bathroom

The air freshener is an essential washroom accessory for all kinds of premises. But do you know why it is particularly important to have an…

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3 Easy Ways Your Commercial Washroom Can Increase Visitor & Customer Satisfaction

It’s a fact that a sparkling, modern washroom makes for happier customers, and the opposite will turn consumers away. A 2011 survey by Harris Interactive…

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