Food hygiene at a restaurant

The Importance of Hand Washing Procedures for Food Handlers

You may have a spotless kitchen and use only the freshest ingredients, but if food handlers aren’t washing their hands properly then this could be very bad news for health and safety standards and the reputation of the business. Good hand hygiene is one of the major (and yet simplest) safeguards against spreading contamination and… Details
High traffic commercial bathroom

How to Choose a High Traffic Hand Dryer

If you’re planning or outfitting a high volume restroom, you’ll know that using the right equipment can improve the flow, usability and safety of that facility. The real challenge can be in finding the right products that can keep up with high traffic. These are the features to look out for when selecting your electric… Details

Interview With eHA Founding Member Dan Dryer

‘Electric Hand Drying is the Future’ Says Susanne Friis Eden, eHA Founding Member & Managing Director of DAN DRYER There has been a widely-publicised debate in previous years on whether or not electric hand drying is hygienic. This has caused many to question the effectiveness and viability of the conventional electrical hand dryer. In response,… Details
hand washing in hospital setting

How to Optimise Hand Hygiene in a Healthcare Setting

Amongst all of the environments where hand hygiene is important, it is literally vital in a healthcare setting. Good hand hygiene can significantly reduce the number of healthcare-associated infections (HCAI) that affect around 1 out of 10 patients during their treatment. Here are some of the main ways to optimise hand hygiene in hospitals, retirement… Details
children washing hands

Fun Hand Hygiene Activities for Schools

We all know how important hand hygiene is to our collective health and wellbeing, but this practical process can sometimes lack interest for the imaginative and creative minds of kids. Here are a few easy and fun hand hygiene activities for primary-level kids, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.   Make it visual Making things visual can help… Details