The Mediclinics Speedflow is an extraordinary machine. It is a fast, eco-friendly machine that is priced under many conventional machines. And it still has the best warranty in its class. To make this really easy, we’ve pulled together some key data, comparing the Mediclinics Speedflow to other popular hand dryers in the Australian marketplace.

Mediclinics Speedflow: The Competition

The first two are high-speed machines, the leading competitor from the UK and a competitor from the US. The second two are both conventional machines, from our local leading competitor. Comparing a high-speed machine with a conventional machine is a bit unfair, but the price of the Mediclinics Speedflow starts out around the same price as the local leading competitor, the Mediclinics Speedflow is the same format and it actually makes less noise, which means that the Mediclinics Speedflow could easily replace a local competitor model in most situations.
Hand Dryer * Drying time (seconds) Energy (kJ) Noise (dBA) Depth (mm) Warranty (years)
Mediclinics Speedflow 10-12 12.7 74 100 3/7
UK High Speed 10 16.0 85 247 1/5
Conventional Autobeam 29 70 76 220 5/10
* See notes below for an explanation of the variables used in this table

How Does it Compare?

As a single package, the Speedflow outperforms the leading competitors.
  1. The greenest: The Speedflow is more energy efficient than all the other units, cutting your running costs by up to 80%. This makes it a very eco-friendly (and budget friendly) choice for your projects.
  2. The quietest high-speed unit: The Speedflow produces half the noise of the high-speed units (explanation below) and even less noise than a conventional machine. The other high-speed machines, including the leading competitor, are extremely noisy – around twice as loud as the Speedflow, creating a very uncomfortable experience in most contexts.
  3. The best warranty for high-speed machines: The warranty is testament to the high quality of the machines and the technically sophisticated European design.
  4. The thinnest profile: The Speedflow is so thin, in fact, that it is the only wall-mounted high speed hand dryer that meets the ADA (US) guidelines for disabled washrooms, without any alterations to the building. Notably, the Speedflow is only a fraction of the size of the leading competitor, with greater efficiency and similar performance, making it much easier to specify.
  5. The best priced high-speed unit: The price for the Speedflow comes down to almost one third the price of the lowest price leading competitor, and it even dips below a conventional unit.
  6. Fast: Yes, the Speedflow is one of the fastest hand dryers on the market.

Why Would You Choose Anything Else?

The Mediclinics Speedflow, to put it bluntly, simply outshines all of these other machines. The combination of features makes it so easy to specify for almost every project. &nbsp


  1. Data: All data used in this comparison (and on this website) is as published by the manufacturers. We have done no controlled testing of any of the competitor hand dryers. There is no guarantee that the figures actually represent exactly the same variables. It is possible, in fact, that some of these comparisons are misleading. However, we have made the assumption that, since the data is available in the public domain, it is in the interests of each manufacturer to use comparable measurement criteria. If they didn’t, they could be accused of publishing misleading data. We have also assumed that the figures are measured in optimal conditions, placing each unit in the best light possible.
  2. Drying time: It is unlikely that all manufacturers use the same measurement techniques. It is fair to assume, however, that the figures are comparable. Some figures are published as a range, allowing for a range of drying contexts.
  3. Energy: This refers to energy required to dry hands completely i.e. to power the hand dryer for the published drying time. Where the drying time is shown as a range, the average time is used. Where drying times aren’t published, estimates have been based on good quality units with similar wattage, motor speed, air velocity and heating capacity.
  4. Noise: Measurement of sound is a surprisingly complex science. However, in broad terms, a difference of an extra 10dB equates, approximately, to a doubling of the perceived noise level. Note also that the Speedflow has a variable speed setting, allowing for a reduction in noise level down to 64dB. Yes, that’s down to a quarter of the noise level of the other high speed units (although the drying time would increase, of course).
  5. Depth: This is a measure of the perpendicular distance from the wall to the outermost point on the machine profile.
  6. Warranty: All warranties differ in their details. The numbers displayed above summarise the terms as years including labour, folllowed by years including parts.
  7. Names: All brand, company and model names and trademarks are property of the owners and are included here for information only.
  8. Currency: These figures are as published at Nov 2009.
  9. Accuracy: Although we have taken great care assembling this data, we do not guarantee that this comparison is either fair or accurate. If you are interested in checking this data, it is available online or from the manufacturers.