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New generation high speed hand dryers available in Australia

High speed hand dryers are cost-effective, quick to use and can cut paper towel use by up to 98%. Although they generally have a higher initial outlay than conventional dryers, high speed options have lower operating costs in the long term. They feature a very small heating element or none at all, instead using a fast and efficient burst of air to rapidly dry hands. Mediclinics dryers offer quality components and long warranties, making them a superior choice for commercial washrooms in healthcare, airports and any other setting.

Selecting a suitable model of Mediclinics high power hand dryer

We source and supply high speed dryers from the European-made Mediclinics brand in three different models. When you are looking for the right high power hand dryer design for your needs, we can help you to identify and install:

  • Eco-friendly options that use only 20% the power of conventional dryers
  • Models that are up to 5x faster than conventional hand dryers

To discuss the full range and the services we can provide, simply call the Davidson Washroom team on 02 9648 3570.