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Sanitary and Nappy Bins for Commercial Washrooms

Washroom Bins that deliver on quality, design and value for clean and hygienic washrooms. Our LSD Sanitary Bins are one of our best selling product lines. They are, quite simply, a very commercial product – well designed, well made and well priced.

These Sanitary Bins are designed and manufactured by us. They are tailor-made for Australian Washrooms; developed from many years of working closely with our clients.

Our Nappy Bins, likewise, are excellent quality and value.

Davidson Washroom Bins Sanitary and Nappy Bins

One of the largest suppliers of sanitary and nappy bins to the hygiene service industry.

  • Slimline models to suit all size cubicles
  • Sleek design, lightweight, sturdy and strong
  • Cost effective for service companies
  • 23 Litre sanitary bins available in dark grey or white
  • 15 Litre mini sanitary bins in dark grey
  • 42 Litre nappy bins in dark grey
  • Any colour available as special order