Paper Towel Dispenser Black DT2106B

Download:  DT2106 Data Sheet

Manual paper towel dispenser, surface mounted, designed and manufactured by Mediclinics.

• Robust and vandal-resistant, these dispensers are designed to be installed in any type of public washroom. Models for a more efficient use of the paper and suitable for different washroom environments: gymnasiums, sports centers, hospitals and health centers, hotels and similar type installations; solutions even for use in different places.

• Models suitable for C/Z folded paper towels; in this category, products are available that allow amounts ranging between 400 and 600 towels.

• Supplied with a lock and special key for opening.


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Classy, elegant paper towel dispenser in matt black to suit any washroom design or colour palette.

Manual Operation and bulk fill to 1.5 litre capacity. Made by Mediclinics Spain.

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a black recessed paper towel dispenser designed and manufactured by Mediclinics. It is a manual dispenser that is quite robust and vandal-proof, which makes it ideal for instalment in any type of public washroom.