Soap Dispenser SD-200R 900ml Bulk Fill

Model: SD-200R

Washroom Soap Dispenser

Biggest selling soap dispenser
900mL | Push-type | ABS
Dimensions (mm): 132 x 231 x 85



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Hand hygiene made easy

Automatic dispensers for sensitive areas, large bulk fill dispensers for high traffic areas, Stainless Steel units for added strength or prestige… the list goes on. This range of soap dispensers is comprehensive, stylish, high quality and has been proven over many years of commercial application. With industry leading brands including Bobson, Poseer, Bentfield, Malstar and Mediclinics; we have a soap dispenser to suit every situation.  

Soap Dispensers

Quality brands to suit every washroom

Extensive range of soap dispensers that look good and are robust enough to handle the high traffic of commercial washrooms
  • Bulk fill and cartridge models
  • Liquid, Foam and Spray Soap models
  • Automatic sensor types
  • Easy fit, easy clean, easy to use
  • Stylish stainless steel and ABS plastic