Davidson Hand Sanitisers for Commercial Restrooms.

Some of the best in Australia.

  • With increasing awareness of the bacteria present on hands, hand sanitisers are becoming more and more commonplace.
  • Optimise your restroom hygiene easily and cost-effectively
  • We have automatic and manual hand sanitisers that are laboratory proven to kill up to 99.9% of pathogenic micro-organisms on the skin
  • .With enhanced coverage, rapid sanitising action and built-in skin moisturising, our hand sanitisers are some of the best available for Australian commercial restrooms.

Davidson Premium Washroom Hygiene.

Dispensers and refills to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for this product in food preparation areas, schools, restaurants, medical and care facilities.

  • Automatic, push button and pump action
  • Laboratory tested 99.99% effective
  • Hand Moisturisers built-in
  • Complete skin coverage
  • Quality Saraya and Bentfield branded products

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Davison Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispensers for Commercial Restrooms

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene in busy restrooms.

  • Providing a high level of hygiene care sends a powerful, and very positive message to the users of your washroom.
  • These Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispensers are very easy to use and highly effective – killing 99.99% of all pathogenic microorganisms, rapidly and efficiently.
  • These units are extremely robust, attractive and very low maintenance.

Davidson Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispensers Hygienic solutions for busy restrooms.

Quality Saraya and Bentfield branded dispensers and refills.

Our sanitising sprays are 99.99% effective against common bacteria, work very rapidly and even contain built-in moisturisers.

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Highly efficient against washroom bacteria
  • Easy to follow instructions on dispensers
  • High quality ABS construction
  • Attractive designs

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