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Black Is The New Black

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Black has been and will always be one of the classiest and trendiest colours in the world. If that is exactly what you think, too, check out our Black Is the New Black collection of washroom essentials and complement the restroom or washroom in your facility in the best possible way!

  • Mediclinics Dualflow Plus hand dryer – a commercial hand dryer that provides a premium experience in every respect. It is a very stylish unit that is very fast, quiet, pleasant to use, and eco-friendly.
  • Mediclinics Machflow Plus hand dryer – one of Mediclinics’ three ‘green hand dryers’. It is one of the best automatic hand dryers (commercial), and a dream come true for everyone who wants to boost the environmental performance of their facility without sacrificing performance.
  • Mediclinics Mediflow hand dryer – this is a high-performance, high-efficiency machine that produces half the noise of its competitors. It is one of the best restroom air hand dryers that are extremely reliable, vandal-proof, and aesthetically beautiful at the same time.
  • Mediclinics Saniflow hand dryer – this commercial bathroom hand dryer is a stress-free choice for any facility. It is extremely solid and reliable, with a retro-style look that embodies over 25 years of design refinement.
  • Mediclinics Speedflow hand dryer – a washroom hand dryer that is quite compact yet ultra-reliable and great looking. This machine is very quiet and boasts class-leading performance, which makes it one of the best automatic hand dryers (commercial) in its category.
  • Paper towel dispenser – a black recessed paper towel dispenser designed and manufactured by Mediclinics. It is a manual dispenser that is quite robust and vandal-proof, which makes it ideal for instalment in any type of public washroom.
  • Automatic soap dispenser – an automatic, wall-mounted liquid soap dispenser with a capacity of 1 l. This product can dispense both liquid soap and hand sanitizing gels, which makes this black soap dispenser perfect for public use in high-traffic facilities.
  • Automatic foam soap dispenser – this is an automatic foam soap dispenser in a sleek black satin finish. It has a capacity of 1 l and dispenses 1.5 ml of soap with each pump. This device does not support surgical soap and soap with solid abrasive particles.
  • Manual soap dispenser – this is a black soap dispenser with a capacity of 1.5 l. It can be installed directly on the wall and hand-operated with a push-button. This soap dispenser is suitable for high-traffic facilities and public use.
  • Toilet roll holder dispenser (2 rolls) – a black toilet roll holder that holds two standard rolls. It is suitable for easy integration in any washroom and compatible with the entire line of Mediclinics washroom accessories. This black toilet roll storage is appropriate for high-traffic facilities.
  • Toilet roll holder dispenser (jumbo) – this is a circular black metal paper towel dispenser for industrial rolls of 275 mm. It is a very robust and vandal-proof model suitable for facilities with high levels of traffic.

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