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The premium restroom fittings

When a commercial restroom needs an extra level of quality, durability, or prestige, it is time to consider our Stainless Steel fittings. Davidson Washroom has assembled an excellent collection of Stainless Steel washroom fittings – making your job very simple. These are high-quality commercial bathroom fittings from some of the most successful international manufacturers. They have proven themselves over many years in demanding situations. They are backed up with top-quality consumables and the legendary Davidson Washroom customer service.

Davidson Stainless Steel Washroom fittings

On our website, we offer a wide range of premium grade Stainless Steel fittings for commercial bathrooms from industry leaders including Poseer and Mediclinics. All of these products have some universal properties, and the most important ones are:

  • They have a premium finish that adds prestige to any restroom.
  • Stainless Steel fittings build confidence in washroom hygiene.
  • They have unmatched durability and strength.
  • Our Stainless Steel products are very reliable and vandal-proof.
  • They are easy to maintain, easy to clean, and easy to use.
  • They come in quite stylish, modern designs.

Which Stainless Steel products do we offer at Davidson Washroom?

  • Paper towel dispensers – our Stainless Steel paper towel dispensers come in several models, but all of them are very easy to install and use. They can be mounted on the wall, which makes them ideal for washrooms and restrooms in high-traffic areas. Some of our paper towel dispensers are suitable for both C-fold and multifold paper towels, whereas other ones use C-fold paper only.
  • Liquid and foam soap dispensers – if you are in need of a Stainless Steel soap dispenser, be sure to check out our fantastic range. We offer both manual and automatic soap dispensers, so it is totally up to you to pick which model you prefer. Our soap dispensers have a capacity between 1 l and 1.5 l, depending on the model. Our Stainless Steel fittings are extremely stylish, which is why they will perfectly fit into any public washroom or restroom.
  • Toilet roll holders and dispensers – a Stainless Steel paper towel roll dispenser is another fabulous member of our family of Stainless Steel fittings. There are several models you should check out, and the first one is a jumbo toilet roll dispenser that was designed to save money and time. There are also Mediclinics vertical toilet roll dispensers that hold either 2 or 3 rolls. Each of these Stainless Steel fittings is absolutely worth your attention, so take a look at them and you will not make a mistake!

Contact us at Davidson Washroom to explore a magnificent world of Stainless Steel fittings ideal for every high-traffic facility. Each of the products on our website has a story to tell, so give us a phone call and find out why our range is so special and better than others. So, if you want to completely renovate a washroom in your facility or design and build a brand new one – Davidson Washroom is the company you should rely on. Just get in touch with our experienced staff and find the ideal Stainless Steel fittings in the blink of an eye!

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