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Commercial Baby Change Table

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Commercial baby changing table. Safe, durable and attractive.

When a commercial restroom needs an extra level of quality, durability, and prestige, it is time to consider our amazing range of products that always give a great first impression. This is particularly true for big facilities that care about their reputation. If that is the case with you, be sure to check out our baby changing tables that will make a huge difference in your restroom. It is simply because you must not take any chances with this product. A baby changing table for commercial restrooms must be safe, reliable, and easy to use. Besides that, this product must be designed with busy parents in mind, too. It is essential as a lot of parents are always on the go, which means that top-quality baby changing tables should be available to them at all times.

Commercial baby changing tables by Davidson Washroom

We at Davidson Washroom offer two different types of baby changing tables. These are most commonly used in commercial washrooms and restrooms since they offer parents a safe and comfortable nappy-changing experience. Our baby changing table in commercial restrooms has so many phenomenal properties and benefits, so here are the most important ones:

  • Its quality is truly outstanding
  • It has a durable, heavy-duty construction
  • It exceeds Australian standard
  • It has a modern, functional design
  • It is a very sturdy product perfect for commercial washrooms and restrooms

Which models of commercial baby changing tables are available at Davidson Washroom?

  • Horizontal Surface-Mounted Baby Changing Station
    • This product is made from bacterial-resistant polypropylene.
    • Our BabyMedi® changing stations are very sturdy and safe, which makes them ideal for public spaces such as airports, shopping centres, public buildings, childcare centres – facilities with high traffic in general.
    • This changing table for commercial restrooms is very trendy and stylish, which allows it to perfectly blend into any space.
    • This product is supplied with child protection straps made from nylon.
    • This BabyMedi® unit fully complies with the EN 12221-1 and EN 12221-2 standards, which means that it can support a 50kg static load test during one hour.
    • Biocote® antimicrobial additive is embedded into the surface of this changing table, which promotes easy cleaning and reduces odours.
  • Vertical Surface-Mounted Baby Changing Station
    • This baby changing table for commercial restrooms is almost the same as the horizontal surface-mounted baby changing table.
    • It is extremely safe and sturdy, and therefore ideal for high-traffic facilities.
    • This product is very stylish, too, and it features Biocote® antimicrobial additive based on silver ion technology that promotes easy cleaning and reduces odours.
    • This is a commercial baby change in Australia that fully complies with the EN 12221-2 and EN 12221-2 standards as well.
    • Contrary to the previous model, this baby changing table is a perfect choice for smaller or tighter commercial washrooms.

Contact us at Davidson Washroom for more information about our incredible commercial baby changing tables. We are in this business for over 40 years, supplying top-quality, market-leading products at competitive prices. All you have to do is to check out our website and give us a phone call, as our experienced staff will gladly help you out with anything you need!

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