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Traditional sanitary bins are often regarded as unhygienic, unsightly, and difficult to operate. Pod™ Petite is a complete sanitary waste disposal system designed specifically for the smallest washrooms or where daily/weekly servicing is required. These bins are easy to install and can be maintained by your current service personnel, safely and hygienically. This is exactly why Pod™ Petite products are gaining more and more popularity these days. We at Davidson Washroom offer a range of Pod™ Petite sanitary bins, which can be divided into two groups: automatic and manual. Check out their main properties:

Pod™ Petite Auto

  • Sanitary bins that are known for their extraordinary quality.
  • They have a touch-free operation, which is absolutely essential as it reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
  • These bins activate only when required and are very quiet, which makes Pod™ Petite Auto one of the most desirable models on the market.
  • There are 3 steps that make the service process very quick and easy. These provide complete protection for your service personnel. Firstly, they should open the door, tear off the liner, and remove waste. They should then pull down a new liner and tie a knot. The last step is tucking the liner into the cavity and closing the door.
  • These sanitary bins use 4 D-size batteries.
  • The best thing about Pod™ Petite Auto is that it has extensive battery life. It allows your sanitary bins to operate for up to 2 years without any problems, which is an amazing benefit you should not overlook.
  • Pod™ Petite Auto model certainly is an ideal choice for all public washrooms and restrooms.

Pod™ Petite Manual

  • On the other hand, Pod™ Petite Manual bins are more similar to regular sanitary bins – but with a little twist.
  • These sanitary bins have a lifting ring that reduces the users’ contact with the bin itself. It is because this ring is positioned away from the waste deposit opening.
  • This is a completely unique type of opening that allows access from every angle, which is why the Pod™ Petite Manual is a much better choice than ordinary sanitary bins.
  • Of course, these bins are desirable in all public washrooms due to their amazing quality and user-friendly design.
  • The service process is the same as the previous model: open the door, tear off the liner, remove waste, pull down a new liner, tie a knot, tuck a liner into the cavity, and close the door. As simple as that!


Contact us at Davidson Washroom to find out more about our fantastic range of Pod™ Petite products. Apart from Pod™ Petite Auto and Pod™ Petite Manual, there is also a liner cassette from this range that is worth your attention. So, give us a phone call or send us an email and learn more about the incredible Pod™ Petite products right away!

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