4 Steps To Cleaning Your Sanitary Bin

Having a sanitary bin is the first step to having a more hygienic bathroom, but cleaning it regularly is not only essential for the maintenance of your hygiene standards but also for the general upkeep of the sanitary bins themselves. But what steps should you be taking to clean your sanitary products and maintain your… Details

Why Your Business Needs Sanitary Bins

Sanitary bins are an absolute must for feminine hygiene. Whether you are a small business owner, run a restaurant, manage an office building or maintain an entire shopping centre, feminine hygiene products should be on your radar. Although it’s an undeniable part of life and affects roughly 50% of the population, many people still don’t… Details
Your Personal Hygiene Checklist

Your Personal Hygiene Checklist

Personal hygiene is something we are taught from a very young age. From putting deodorant on and brushing your teeth to washing your hands after going to the bathroom, personal hygiene activities for adults are things that we do instinctively. Of course, various occupations require a more rigorous personal hygiene but what is the basic… Details
installing hand dryer

A Guide to Installing a Hand Dryer

Hand dryer installation in a commercial facility is a job you’ll want done right the first time, as there are safety factors, regulations and bathroom layouts to take into consideration. Here’s how to install a hand dryer safely, correctly and efficiently. Book a qualified electrician Hard-wired hand dryers look tidier and are harder to tamper… Details
Hand Washing Procedures

Hand Washing Procedures & Steps for Nurses

Amongst all of the occupations where effective hand hygiene is important, those who work in healthcare settings have a particular responsibility to minimise the spread of infections and viruses. Here’s a refresher guide to why and how nurses should be practicing good hand hygiene. What’s the purpose of handwashing in nursing environments? Infections and illness… Details