Best Practices for Choosing & Installing A Horizontal Baby Change Table

If you’ve ever been shopping or travelling with young children, you’ll know how invaluable a baby changing table in commercial restrooms can be. These change tables provide a sturdy, safe and hygienic surface where infants can be changed, and are now a widely expected feature in facilities: from shopping centres, to airports, to restaurants. So… Details

Dualflow, Machflow, Mediflow, Smartflow & Speedflow. What’s the Difference?

Who knew finding the right commercial hand dryer could be so tricky? Even when you’ve selected a reputable, quality-made brand such as Mediclinics, choosing a specific hand dryer model can be difficult! Here we’ve rounded up the most popular Mediclinics hand dryer models, their individual strengths and their ideal applications. Mediclinics Dualflow Plus This slim-profile… Details

Choosing the Right Toilet Paper Dispenser for Your Washroom

It may seem inconsequential at first glance, but choosing the right toilet paper dispenser will ensure your commercial washroom stays well equipped, safe and hygienic over the long term, without toilet paper running out or piling up on the floor. Here are the essential factors to consider to help you find the right fit for… Details