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Mediclinics Junior Plus

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Mediclinics Junior Plus – Sometimes the simplest solution is the best

If you want a simple, high-quality hand dryer at a low price, your choice is very simple.

The Mediclinics Junior Plus combines great performance, low noise, and high durability and has the best warranty in its class.

The European-style casing is a very solid 3mm ABS and has simple, modern lines – it is very easy to specify for a wide variety of low-traffic situations.
With its long and impressive list of features, the choice is easy:

  • It is quiet
    • The Mediclinics Junior Plus hand dryer is one of the quietest machines on the market.
    • It is even quieter than machines with much lower performance figures.
  • It is reliable
    • Solid 3mm ABS casing.
    • European design, manufacture, and components guarantee a product of the highest quality.
    • Induction motor, 2800 rpm, F class, maintenance-free and high durability, incorporates a self-resetting safety thermal cut-off at 130 ºC.
    • Casing design minimises points of ingress and flat horizontal areas, discouraging placement of cigarettes and coffee cups, etc.
    • Backed by the best warranty in its class.
  • It is stylish
    • It has a very clean, modern design, which will work well in a wide range of interiors.
  • It is very affordable
    • The Mediclinics Junior Plus hand dryer delivers excellent quality at a very low price.
  • It is architect-friendly
    • The Mediclinics Junior Plus hand dryer is a simple, high-quality, low-cost machine for low traffic scenarios.
    • It is extremely durable and low-maintenance.
    • The modern European design will fit in a wide range of washroom interiors.
    • Mediclinics Junior Plus, running at only 60dB, is very quiet.
    • Its standard shape and fitting holes make it easy to specify for a large range of projects.
    • Hand dryers, in most commercial settings, are an environmentally-positive choice, outweighing paper and cloth towels both in terms of invested energy costs and running costs.
    • The Mediclinics Junior Plus, above all, is a high-quality machine. It is designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest standards, with all components sourced in Europe.
    • Because of this, Mediclinics Junior Plus has the best warranty in the country.

A simple yet high-quality choice

If you have a low-traffic washroom and want a modern, high-quality hand dryer that comes at a quite affordable price – look no further because Mediclinics Junior Plus is the perfect choice for your facility.

The Mediclinics Junior Plus hand dryer is a quite simple yet top-quality choice.

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