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Paper Towel Dispensers

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Find commercial paper towel dispensers in Australia

There are many commercial washroom settings where a hand towel dispenser is an ideal option for drying hands hygienically, and we have a large range of paper towel dispensers to choose from – no matter what your application or budget. We source our hand towel dispensers from leading manufacturers such as Bobson, Article, and Mediclinics. Each of them provides exceptional quality and long warranties for your peace of mind.

From our prestigious Stainless Steel range to the Slimline ET-570 that accepts C-fold and multifold paper, our paper towel dispensers are competitively priced and offer great ongoing value. If you are searching for the right model of commercial paper towel dispenser for your needs, the best place to start your search is Davidson Washroom. Just give us a call or contact us via email and ask our experienced staff to help you choose the perfect commercial paper towel dispenser for your needs!

Hand towel dispensers that suit all needs and paper towel types

Our selection offers quality, strength, and style for all types of commercial washrooms, covering all paper types in attractive, secure designs. Find the features you need, including:

  • A selection of Stainless Steel, white enamel, and durable ABS plastic
  • Slimline and multi-format models
  • Lockable and vandal-proof options
  • Models to suit all sizes of interleaf paper towel

Which models of paper towel dispensers are available at Davidson Washroom?

  • Paper Towel Dispenser A-725 SS – this is a commercial bathroom paper towel dispenser made from Stainless Steel. This is a product suitable for C-fold paper towels that is lockable with a key. This dispenser is ultra-stylish and vandal-proof, which makes it ideal for high-traffic facilities.
  • Paper Towel Dispenser Black DT2106B – a manual paper towel dispenser that was designed and manufactured by Mediclinics. It is a very robust and vandal-resistant model designed to be installed in any type of public washroom. However, it is the most appropriate for high-traffic areas such as hospitals, sports centres, hotels, gymnasiums, and other similar facilities. This commercial wall-mounted paper towel dispenser can hold between 400 and 600 towels.
  • Paper Towel Dispenser P0103 Roll Towel – this commercial paper towel dispenser is a budget-sensitive option for washrooms and kitchen installations. It was constructed from steel and finished off with a white epoxy coat that gives it a sleek look. This product uses roll towel paper and is a great value-for-money option. Check it out if you need an affordable yet sturdy paper towel dispenser.

These are just some of the top-quality paper towel dispensers available on our website. If you want to find out more about our range of these fantastic products, just give us a call and consult with our experienced staff. They will help you find the perfect commercial paper towel dispenser for your needs. Did you know that Davidson Washroom has been in this business for over 40 years? That is right, which is why we have a solid base of loyal customers and business partners. Get in touch and find out why!

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