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Toilet Paper Roll Dispensers

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Davidson Washroom toilet paper roll dispensers for commercial restrooms

Our toilet paper roll dispensers are very robust, reliable, easy to use, and vandal-proof. Besides that, these are some of the most important fittings in any commercial washroom. Every commercial toilet paper roll dispenser in our offer is a top-quality product that is highly required in every modern washroom or restroom. These are aesthetically pleasing and very easy to install and maintain. Our toilet paper roll dispensers will inevitably add another level of quality and prestige to your washroom design. Did you know that we are the only Australian distributor for the Mediclinics Washroom products designed and manufactured in Europe? That is right, so check out our website and learn more about our outstanding washroom products!

Get it right for your next washroom fit-out

A large range of our quality toilet paper dispensers features the following characteristics:

  • It is made from Stainless Steel and ABS plastic
  • There are jumbo, two, and three-roll models
  • They are lockable and vandal-resistant
  • They are very low-maintenance, which is a huge plus for service companies

Which commercial toilet paper roll dispenser models do we have at Davidson Washroom?

  • Toilet Roll Holder Dispenser A-841 SS Jumbo – this toilet roll dispenser was designed to save money and time. It is a lockable model that can hold a single jumbo roll, which is a fantastic thing for both medium and high-traffic facilities. This product was made from Stainless Steel which makes it ideal for all types of washrooms and restrooms.
  • Toilet Roll Holder Dispenser PR2784B Black 2-Roll – this is a surface-mounted commercial toilet paper roll dispenser. It holds two standard rolls and has a suitable design for easy integration in the washroom. This product is compatible with the line of other washroom accessories by Mediclinics. It is a manual toilet roll dispenser with a one-piece body.
  • Toilet Roll Holder Dispenser PR2787B Black Jumbo – this commercial toilet paper roll dispenser is a surface-mounted device with a stylish design suitable for all washrooms. It is a circular toilet paper dispenser that is quite robust and vandal-proof, which makes it suitable for high-traffic facilities. This model is perfect for public use with high strength and durability.
  • Toilet Roll Holder Dispenser PR2784CS SS Satin 2-Roll – this is a commercial toilet paper roll dispenser by Mediclinics, a well-known brand in Australia. It is a vertical dispenser that can hold 2 toilet paper rolls. This device is very easy to install, use, and maintain, and it will certainly add a touch of prestige to your washroom.

This is just one part of our offer of toilet paper roll dispensers, so make sure to check our website and do your research on the rest of our models. Since we are in this business for over 40 years, we provide the best service and customer experience in Australia. We have hundreds of satisfied business partners all over the country, as well as thousands of customers who are happy to come back. Just contact us at Davidson Washroom and see what we can do to help you find the perfect commercial toilet paper roll dispenser for your facility!

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