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  • Why buy hand dryers in Australia from Davidson Washroom?

    It’s simple – you get the best of European design and quality, at affordable prices that represent real value for money.

    We are proud to stock Mediclinics hand dryers. This renowned European brand produces a wide range of eco-friendly, high-efficiency units. Mediclinics dryers deliver some of the fastest average drying times of any automatic hand dryer in the world – between 8 and 15 seconds. By replacing that old model bathroom hand dryer with a modern Mediclinics model, you will reduce operating costs immediately.

    We have one of the largest selections of hand dryers online. To find out more, click on an individual product page. Our dedicated customer service team is standing by to help you select the right model for your facility and have it shipped today, so call us right away to place your order!

    Which Hand Dryer models can you purchase at Davidson Washroom?

  • Mediclinics Dualflow Plus – a commercial hand dryer that provides a premium experience in every respect. It is a very stylish unit that is very fast, quiet, pleasant to use, and eco-friendly.
  • Mediclinics Junior Plus – a washroom hand dryer that is a very simple yet high-quality device. This hand dryer combines low noise, great performance, and high durability with a fantastic warranty in its class
  • Mediclinics Machflow – one of Mediclinics’ three ‘green hand dryers’. It is one of the best automatic hand dryers (commercial), and a dream come true for everyone who wants to boost the environmental performance of their facility without sacrificing performance.
  • Mediclinics Mediflow – this is a high-performance, high-efficiency machine that produces half the noise of its competitors. It is one of the best restroom air hand dryers that are extremely reliable, vandal-proof, and aesthetically beautiful at the same time.
  • Mediclinics Optima – it is a commercial hand dryer that is perfect for medium traffic situations. It brings premium features at a medium price category. Also, it is a very quiet and stylish device with vandal-proof properties.
  • Mediclinics Saniflow – this commercial bathroom hand dryer is a stress-free choice for any facility. It is extremely solid and reliable, with a retro-style look that embodies over 25 years of design refinement.
  • Mediclinics Smartflow – a washroom hand dryer that is quite compact yet ultra-reliable and great looking. This machine is very quiet and boasts class-leading performance, which makes it one of the best automatic hand dryers (commercial) in its category.
  • Mediclinics Speedflow – one of the most extraordinary automatic hand dryers (commercial). It is a stylish, low-profile unit that is one of the fastest and most energy-efficient restroom air hand dryers on the market. This commercial hand dryer certainly is a class of its own.

Davidson Washroom: The very best of Australian service

We are a hand dryer supplier with a reputation for great service. Our staff goes out of their way to meet our clients’ needs and they are always available to answer questions, fix problems, and create solutions. We are proud to be the sole distributor for Mediclinics hand dryers in Australia.

Contact us at Davidson Washroom at any time and allow us to introduce you to the amazing range of hand dryers!

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