Please see the below Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which are compliant with the Global Harmonisation System (GHS). The updated documents replace the previous Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). The file name includes the product code e.g. CU-100, Pysect etc. The .pdf files can be downloaded from this page. GHS UWASH SDS 2016 GHS UPRADE SDS 2017 GHS SWEET-LU BLUE SDS 2016 GHS SG Sani Granules SDS 2016 GHS ACH600SPSani SDS Davidson GHS SWEET-LU URINAL CLEAR SDS 2016 GHS ACH600T TSC SDS Davidson GHS CH600SP soap SDS Davidson GHS CU30 Unitab SDS Davisdon GHS HS soap SDS 2016 GHS FON6000 SDS Davidson GHS CU100 SDS Davidson GHS CT600 SDS Davidson GHS FON3400 SDS Davidson GHS Py-Sect Insecticide Aerosol – FORDV01