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Air Insecticide Refills: Pysect

Air Insecticide Refills: Pysect

SDS Pysect

Manufactured in Australia using Australian pyrethrin

150g | aerosol   – Sold in Boxes of 12 units


Complete washroom service solutions

Davidson Washroom offers a range of quality consumables, most of which are manufactured by us in Australia, all of which are very popular with our clients.

  • Some of the best performing consumables on the market
  • Air Freshener fragrances use high grade perfume
  • Natural Pyrethrum based insecticide
  • Most products are manufactured in Australia
  • High grade materials, excellent performance
  • Competitive prices

The environment in the washroom is critical for a good visitor experience. Maintaining this environment effectively and within budget is a challenge that is easily met with these products.

Both Pysect Insecticide and FreshPlus Air Freshener are very popular. Manufactured to our specification by an Australian company, they are tailor made to suit Australian Washrooms and feature the very best ingredients – for a very competitive price.

All of our consumables are great quality and value. Long-lasting fragrances, environmentally friendly urinal mats, plant based insecticides… these washroom products are designed to keep you and your visitors very happy.

Increase visitor satisfaction and reduce your maintenance spend
with our range of Washroom Consumables

Additionally to what’s displayed above, we provide the following consumables:

  • Insecticide cans PYSECT natural pyrethrum 150gr min 3200 sprays – box of 12
  • Air freshener cans FRESH PLUS 150gr 8 fragrances, min 3200 sprays – box of 12
  • Air freshener cans 150gr 8 fragrances, min 3200 sprays – box of 10
  • Air freshener cans 150gr 6 fragrances, min 6000 sprays – box of 10
  • Liquid soap pink, blue or white, 5 Litres
  • Liquid soap bags and delivery nozzles
  • Spray soap 400ml
  • Urinal solutions, UPGRADE and BIO-WASH, 5 Litres
  • Sanitary bin liners high density NATBAG Clear and POLYBAG Black – box of 500
  • Sanitary bin granules, SG – bag of 20kg
  • Sanitary bin purifier pads PSB – box of 100
  • Disposable sanitary bags, dispenser ED-100 and bags EP-101 – box of 500
  • Nappy bin liners NAPLINER Black – box of 500
  • Hand sanitizer liquid spray 800ml
  • Toilet seat sanitizer liquid spray 400ml
  • Paper, toilet rolls, 400 sheet 2 ply – carton of 48 rolls
  • Paper, jumbo toilet rolls, 300m 2 ply – carton of 8 rolls
  • Paper, jumbo toilet rolls, 500m 1 ply – carton of 8 rolls
  • Paper, interleaf slimline hand towel – 4000 sheets
  • Paper, roll paper hand towel, 80m – carton of 16

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