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Commercial Baby Change Table Horizontal CP0016H

Commercial Baby Change Table Horizontal suits most washrooms 


You simply can’t take any chances with Baby Change Tables. They must be reliable, they must be safe and easy to use, they must be designed with busy parents in mind.

These Commercial Baby Change Tables are some of the best in the world today, and are excellent value for money.

SKU: CP0016H

Horizontal surface-mounted baby changing station made of bacterial-resistant polypropylene.

BabyMedi® changing stations offer a very high level of safety and cleanliness being the ideal solution for public spaces such as, shopping centers, airports, public buildings, childcare centres, etc. Models suitable for high traffic facilities with high strength and durability.

• Their trendy and stylish design, allow these baby changing stations to blend into any space perfectly.

• Biocote® antimicrobial additive, based on ion silver technology, is embedded into its own surface, promoting an easy cleaning and reducing the growth of odor causing and staining microbes.

• BabyMedi® baby changing stations are supplied (inside the packing box) with child protection straps made of nylon.

• A pair of bag hooks (one at the right side and the other one at the left) help to keep personal belongings close and at hand.

• BabyMedi® units fully comply with the EN 12221-1 and EN 12221-2 standards that require baby changing stations be able to support a 50 Kg static load test during one hour. Moreover, units tested in our own laboratories have withstood loads over 100 kg.

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