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Urinal Maintainer Block: Unitab

Enzyme action

Brand: Bobson

SDS GHS CU-30 July22


SKU: CU-30

Our range of quality, easy to use urinal and cistern products keep the washroom sanitised and reduce unwanted odours. In addition to this our urinal sanitisers are also:

  • Discreet and effective
  • Suitable for industrial and retail use
  • Are available in a range of colours and fragrances

Good quality Urinal Sanitisers are an easy, effective way to reduce odours and boost washroom hygiene

Eliminate odour at the source. All of our Urinal Sanitiser solutions will keep your Urinal hygienic with low maintenance and low ongoing costs. From Enzyme action to built-in hardware, we provide comprehensive and cost-effective Urinal Sanitising to suit all commercial washrooms.

The Virtual Janitor, from TimeMist, is a very low-profile, low maintenance built in Urinal Sanitising System that is very popular around the world.

Our Urinal Maintainer mats and blocks use Enzyme action to sanitise the urinal, providing effective hygiene control whilst being far more eco-friendly.

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