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Davidson Washroom:
Some history

Davidson Washroom is an amalgamation of two separate business groups. Our parent company, Davidson Imports has recently invested in some rebranding and restructuring. A fundamental part of this is the combination of the Washroom Products and the Hand Dryer businesses.

Davidson Washroom is the result, bringing to the Australian market place a very commercial offering, backed by our legendary service.


This business started in 1980, as Andom Electrical Contracting. The range of work included the servicing of Airtowel hand dryers, which were manufactured in New Zealand. By 1982, Andom was selling the Airtowel units, eventually becoming the exclusive distributors in NSW.

Airtowel Technologies was established as a division of Andom, and continued to provide high quality hand dryers to the Australian market place, even when the original New Zealand manufacturers ceased trading. Airtowel Technologies became the sole Australian distributors of Mediclinics hand dryers, and these machines quickly became the sole focus of the business.


With a large client base built over many years, the range of washroom products has been fine tuned to create a catalogue of products which all deliver excellent value for money, from commercial restrooms to prestige applications.


Davidson Imports, our parent company, recently celebrated 40 years in business. With an emphasis on great customer service and supplying market leading products at competitive prices, Davidson Imports has a long history of commercial success.

Our success has not only been commercial, however. Some of the staff at Davidson Imports actually started with the company almost forty years ago (they were VERY young at the time, of course). This says something about the value we place on people; the people we work with as well as the people we do business with.

Davidson Washroom: Our company

We have built our business on great customer service. We sell high quality products at competitive prices and support this with courteous, prompt and reliable service. With the superb line of Mediclinics machines, we offer the largest range of commercial hand dryers in the country, including three of the fastest and most energy efficient hand dryers in the world. We also carry an excellent range of Washroom fittings, including our Premium Range of Stainless Steel products. Service, quality and price. Give us a call to experience it yourself.

Our values: Good people, good business

One thing you should know about us; we enjoy this business. We enjoy our workplace and have developed great relationships with our clients, suppliers and resellers. We match old-fashioned values with modern logistics and communication technology. We source the best products available and get them to market at competitive prices. We support all of our products with excellent warranties and reliable service. We are courteous and prompt, and value creativity and good humour. Some members of the staff started working here over 40 years ago – that says something about the value we place on our people and the quality of our business.

Our philosophy: People matter

It’s not rocket science; treat people well and you build solid relationships. This applies, both internally with staff, and externally with customers, suppliers, resellers etc. Davidson Washroom values the people we deal with. Our company is an important partner for hundreds of businesses around Australia and a very significant part of our employee’s life. We do provide outstanding value with the products we supply, but it is the relationships that we have built over 40 years that make Davidson Washroom the company it is today. That and the fact that we can usually get most orders on the truck the same day you call.
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Mediclinics hand dryers: The best in Australia

We are proud to be the Australian distributors for the incredible range of Mediclinics hand dryers, the largest range of high quality commerical hand dryers in Australia. This range features three of the fastest, and most energy efficient hand dryers in the world, the Speedflow, the Machflow and the Dualflow. Every Mediclinics hand dryer embodies the very best of European design and quality and is backed by the best warranty in its class.

Washroom fittings: From Commercial to Premium

The Washroom fittings business has been supplying Australian companies with quality products for over 20 years. Our customer base is large and very loyal; testament to our high levels of customer service and quality products. Over the years we have crafted an inventory of products that deliver great value and which covers the complete range from commercial to prestige restroom applications. This includes our premium range of Stainless Steel Washroom fittings.

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