3 Easy Ways Your Commercial Washroom Can Increase Visitor & Customer Satisfaction

It’s a fact that a sparkling, modern washroom makes for happier customers, and the opposite will turn consumers away. A 2011 survey by Harris Interactive indicated that 94% of people would avoid a business if it had a dirty bathroom! So how do you ensure you’re presenting the best possible bathroom experience for visitors? It comes down to addressing three simple requirements.

Hygiene and freshness

Above all, ensure your commercial washrooms are clean. Bathroom visitors don’t want to be stepping over paper towels on the floor or avoiding puddles of water at the sink. Be sure to have a regular cleaning roster that’s appropriate for the traffic of the bathroom. A shopping centre bathroom will probably require cleaning several times a day, for example. It’s also worth considering the air quality in the commercial bathroom too. You can easily create a fresh, pleasant smell throughout bathrooms using automated air fresheners and fragrance accessories. Davidson Washroom can help with all of your washroom consumables including fragrance gels and cans.

Modern washroom accessories

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how well the washroom is cleaned – if the styling of sinks and dispensers is outdated, they could lead to an unsatisfactory washroom experience for customers. By providing modern washroom accessories you’ll be leaving a great impression that then becomes associated with your business. Consider installing an automated soap dispenser and hand dryer to modernise the bathroom experience and speed up the time taken wash and dry hands, therefore allowing customers to spend more time in your store or restaurant and less in the bathroom. These automated accessories also improve collective hand hygiene, because visitors will be touching fewer shared surfaces that can spread pathogens.

Sustainable measures

In 2019 and beyond consumers are placing great importance in spending their money with ethically and environmentally aware businesses. The great news is that it’s easy to minimise your commercial washroom’s carbon footprint while also reducing costs. Hand dryers use significantly less energy than paper towels, and modern high speed hand dryers even more so. The Mediclinics high speed hand dryers that we supply can be up to five times more energy efficient than conventional hand dryers, and up to 20 times more carbon efficient than paper towels over life cycle analysis. You might wish to share these eco-friendly credentials through simple stickers or posters in the washroom, or simply enjoy the cost savings of your energy efficient bathroom accessories and know that you’re making a difference.

If you are ready to update or upgrade your commercial washroom facilities, Davidson Washroom can help you with personalised product recommendations to suit your needs. Simply send an enquiry and one of our friendly team members will be in touch shortly.