What to Look for When Selecting a Hair Dryer for Your Commercial Bathroom

A wall mounted hand dryer can be greatly appreciated when someone has wet hair or an accidental spill on their clothes – so how do you choose the right option when you’re installing a commercial hand dryer in your commercial facilities? We’re known for our range of commercial hand dryers by Mediclinics including the renowned Speedflow, but we also provide commercial hair dryers. Let us take you through the options for your commercial washroom.

A wall mounted or hose operated hair dryer?

When it comes to choosing a hair dryer, your main considerations will be the type and requirements of the device. Wall mounted hair dryers have a swivelling concentrator nozzle to direct the air flow so they can suit a wide variety of applications, from swimming pool change rooms to sports clubs. A hair dryer with a hose and handset can provide greater control over the air flow, and can be well suited for hotel rooms and spas – particularly where guests might have longer hair. A push button makes for easy operation on both types of hair dryer.

Before ordering a specific model, it’s worth checking that the hair dryer offers quiet operation, easy maintenance and an effective drying time. Bathroom users will want to be able to dry their hair and get on with their day without standing in front of the machine for an age.

Of course, once you have the model locked in you may also have a choice of finishes to suit your commercial facilities. Depending on the model you may be able to select a white enamel finish or a satin stainless steel finish. Both are modern and stylish, so the choice is up to you and the design of the washrooms.

Potential hazards to consider and safety features to look for

If you’re planning to choose the cheapest possible commercial hair dryer, think again. Poor quality machines can pose hazards including the danger of electrocution if in contact with water; the fire risk that can come from poorly planned shut-off features; and even the danger of hair becoming tangled within the mechanics. There’s also the risk of burns if the heating element is exposed. This is exactly why the Mediclinics

Saniflow® hair dryers have excellent safety features built in as standard, making them ideal all-round options for heavy traffic bathrooms.

For assistance in choosing a commercial hand dryer, hair dryer or other commercial washroom facilities, our team is always happy to help.