Choosing the Right Toilet Paper Dispenser for Your Washroom

It may seem inconsequential at first glance, but choosing the right toilet paper dispenser will ensure your commercial washroom stays well equipped, safe and hygienic over the long term, without toilet paper running out or piling up on the floor. Here are the essential factors to consider to help you find the right fit for your commercial bathrooms.


Capacity will be a primary consideration, whether you’re buying toilet roll dispensers for your small workplace washroom or a high traffic department store bathroom. If dispensers don’t hold enough toilet paper rolls, bathroom users will be running out of toilet paper and cleaners will need to constantly attend the facilities to replenish supplies. On the other hand, you won’t want to be buying jumbo commercial rolls for a bathroom that only has five visitors per day. Our range of dispensers ranges from two-roll dispensers, through to jumbo options such as our Mediclinics model.


Many facilities managers love the pricing of ABS dispensers for their small or low-traffic bathrooms. Modern ABS plastic is incredibly tough and durable, so it’s now a viable option for bathroom accessories in even high traffic environments. That being said, many facilities managers prefer the look and longevity of rugged stainless steel for their high-traffic commercial washrooms. The choice is really up to your personal preference. Both materials are very easy to wipe clean and disinfect.


There are more styling options than ever before when it comes to toilet paper dispensers. There are a number of different finishes available in stainless steel including a luxurious satin finish, or steel covered in white enamel which will suit any architectural styling. There’s also the new sleek black Epoxy finish that looks spectacular in modern commercial washrooms, particularly when paired with matching black hand dryers and other bathroom accessories.

Tamper-proofing and vandal-proofing

The last thing you need is for or entire rolls of toilet paper to go missing from your commercial bathrooms, or for vandals to intentionally damage your bathroom accessories. That’s why it’s important to consider the durability and design of the toilet paper dispensers you choose, and whether they’re built to withstand tampering attempts. We make a point of supplying lockable and robust toilet paper dispenser models so cleaners and service teams will find it easy to replace rolls, while would-be vandals or thieves will have a very hard time of causing chaos.

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