Dualflow, Machflow, Mediflow, Smartflow & Speedflow. What’s the Difference?

Who knew finding the right commercial hand dryer could be so tricky? Even when you’ve selected a reputable, quality-made brand such as Mediclinics, choosing a specific hand dryer model can be difficult! Here we’ve rounded up the most popular Mediclinics hand dryer models, their individual strengths and their ideal applications.

Mediclinics Dualflow Plus

This slim-profile ‘hands-in’ hand dryer dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds – up to four times faster than conventional hand dryers. Its automatic sensor and anti-bacterial surfaces ensure easy and hygienic use, while the fast-drying time and the fact that it uses 80% less electricity than conventional hand dryers means that it’s perfect for high traffic areas.

Ideal for: Stylish bathrooms and a premium feel with low operating costs, including high-use washrooms.

Mediclinics Mediflow

The Mediflow is easily amongst the best conventional hand dryers, producing half the noise of competitors. This model features ‘Logic Dry’ technology which adjusts performance to the ambient environment in order to reduce energy consumption. It also incorporates smart IR reflection to take fixed objects into account. It’s highly reliable, vandal-proof and cost effective.

Ideal for: Almost any application! The Mediflow is an affordable and dependable all-round performer.

Mediclinics Smartflow

The Smartflow is perfectly suited for bathrooms with low to medium traffic. This conventional hand dryer is anything but ordinary, with ultra-quiet operation and solid vandal-proof ABS casing. It also uses just a fraction of the energy required by most conventional hand dryers (even the expensive ones), saving you around 70% of typical operating costs.

Ideal for: Smaller washrooms and lower traffic, such as public bathrooms and small business workplaces.

Mediclinics Speedflow

The Speedflow gets its name from its seriously impressive 10 to 12 second hand drying time. This high speed hand dryer has all the power and half of the noise as other high speed dryers, and even comes in quieter than most conventional models. Adjust the fan speed to either dry faster or keep noise to a minimum, and enjoy the fact that the Speedflow comes in at around one third of the price of its cheapest leading competitor.

Ideal for: High traffic areas like shopping centres and airports, thanks to its fast drying time.

Mediclinics Machflow

The Machflow is up to seven times more energy efficient than conventional hand dryers. It’s also up to five times faster, drying hands in a mere eight to ten seconds. You’ll be able to adjust the automatic sensor to suit the washroom environment and enjoy serious energy savings even for busy bathroom facilities. There’s also the fact that the styling looks fantastic, complementing the most modern of interior styles.

Ideal for: High traffic and high style washrooms, as well as businesses who want to improve their sustainability credentials.

No matter which you choose, you can be sure your Mediclinics hand dryers will be built with the highest quality. All models are designed-and manufactured in Europe, with a focus on energy efficiency, quiet operation and sleek style. Their high quality also ensures they come with the best warranties on the market.

To speak with someone about finding the right Mediclinics commercial hand dryers for your needs, get in touch with the helpful team at Davidson Washroom.