3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in a Commercial Hand Dryer

It’s all too easy to stick with what’s already in place when it comes to workplace washroom facilities, but installing new electric hand dryers could be one of the smartest business moves you make this year. This simple change can have benefits for your team, your sustainability principles, your brand perception and your bottom dollar; here’s how.


Sure, a few paper towels won’t cost much every year. But when you consider that high speed hand dryers can provide up to 98% cost savings on paper towels each year, then that puts things in perspective. If you have high traffic bathrooms or a large number of employees, then operating costs for washrooms can quickly add up. And what you save on paper towels over time, you could be investing in wiser things for the business: marketing, product development, or perhaps even a better coffee machine in the break room!


We’ll forgive you for not doing the maths on whether paper towels or hand dryers are more environmentally friendly, but luckily we have the figures. As an example, the Mediclinics Dualflow Plus hand dryer is around 10 times more energy efficient than paper towels and five times more energy efficient than traditional hand dryers, based on life cycle analysis. Not only will a high speed hand dryer cut down on costs and on energy consumption, but you also won’t need consumables like paper towels which go hand-in-hand with delivery and manufacturing emissions. As an added bonus, it certainly doesn’t hurt your brand image to boost your green credentials.


The most important reason of all to install hand dryers in your commercial washroom is to help provide a hygienic environment for your employees and your customers. The numbers to support this are staggering: people attending work while sick cost the Aussie economy around $34.1 billion each year through lost productivity, while sick people staying at home cost another $7 billion a year. By having washrooms designed for quick and easy hand hygiene, you can cut down on viruses and bacteria spreading around the office. Commercial automatic hand dryers like the Mediclinics models are ideal options, because they can dry hands quickly in 8-15 seconds and people can get on with their day.

If you’re considering installing new hand dryers in your washrooms, we know that the choices can quickly become overwhelming. The Davidson Washroom team is here to help you choose the best hand dryers for commercial settings that are energy efficient, tamper proof and will look great in any washroom.