4 Steps To Cleaning Your Sanitary Bin

Having a sanitary bin is the first step to having a more hygienic bathroom, but cleaning it regularly is not only essential for the maintenance of your hygiene standards but also for the general upkeep of the sanitary bins themselves.

But what steps should you be taking to clean your sanitary products and maintain your health and hygiene standards?

  1. Sanitary waste disposal legislation 

    The first step is to understand what your statutory obligations are when it comes to sanitary waste disposal and feminine hygiene.According to Safe Work Australia, all female workers have a right to hygienic means to dispose of sanitary items. Although there is no explicit reference to sanitary bins or a sanitary bag in the text itself, it does imply a duty of care on behalf of all employers. Whether you are an office manager or own a small restaurant, you must have adequate sanitary disposal equipment available for your staff. The same applies to all commercial establishments. From shopping malls and cafes to public restrooms, sanitary napkin disposal methods are considered a right for all females and should be supplied in all female or unisex bathrooms.When it comes to disposing of sanitary waste, laws and regulations may vary from state to state but as a general rule of thumb, your sanitary bins should be changed regularly, and the waste disposed of carefully and hygienically

  2. How often should you change your sanitary bins? 

    Your sanitary bins should be emptied, and the bin liner changed regularly to maintain hygiene and the comfort of your guests, customers and staff.How frequently you empty your sanitary bins will of course depend on how often they are used which will vary depending on how many female employees, customers or visitors you have. A large shopping mall for example may need to change their sanitary bins daily or several times a day whereas an office with 2 female employees may only change theirs on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

  3. How do you clean and service sanitary bins? 

    You can enlist a professional cleaning and disposal service, but it is possible and more cost effective to clean your sanitary bins in-house.Bins and disposal units should be cleaned internally and externally on a regular basis. Before you start, you should make sure that your staff have all of the required PPE. This should include thick gloves as they may come into contact with blood and bodily fluids and could even occasionally come in to contact with sharp objects.Bins should be lined with plastic bin liners and the next step in the cleaning process is to carefully remove this and place it in a lined waste receptacle. Remember that it could contain needles and sharp objects so do not press down on the contents before tying the bin liner and do not let it brush your skin as you remove it.Next you should remove any products or debris from the bottom of the bin and once it is empty you should wipe down the interior using sanitary or medical disinfectant wipes. Make sure you cover all areas inside and outside the bin including around the lids, covers and other touch points.Allow the bin to air dry or wipe with a dry towel if necessary. Then fit with a fresh bin liner, ensuring it is fitted correctly and covers the entire inside surface.Replace the lid and check that the bin is clean and in working order. If necessary, give the edges and exterior a final wipe with medical disinfectant.

  4. Which sanitary products and disposal units should you use? 

    As technology evolves, sanitary disposal products are becoming more and more hygienic and user friendly. Depending on the space and budget you have available, you may wish to opt for the traditional manual sanitary and nappy bins or a manual slimline bin.Another option is a modern touch-free sanitary bin from manufacturers such as Pod Petite. Designed for easy servicing and quick bin liner replacement, these bins can be mounted on the wall for use in tight spaces. Available with touch free or manual access, they are created with hygiene and user-friendliness as a number one priority.

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