4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hand Soap Dispenser for Your Commercial Washroom

As you plan appliances and accessories for your commercial washrooms, soap dispensers might be the last thing you deliberate over. It’s a simple decision, right? It can be, but be sure to consider these four options before you choose a final design to make sure you’re planning accordingly.

Countertop vs. wall mounted soap dispensers
There’s a surprising amount of choice when it comes to deciding where to place or install your soap dispenser. Check out the list below for the pros and cons of each soap dispenser style.

Soap dispenser typeProsCons
Pump bottle sitting on countertopEasy to replace bottles.Can be costly to replace soap, messy, difficult to clean under, empties fast, can look cheap.
Wall mounted soap bottle holderEasy to replace bottles, can look great with premium soap bottles.Can be costly to replace soap, empties fast, can look cheap.
Vanity mount (e.g. a dispenser installed in the countertop)Neat, easy to clean around, looks great, large capacity ideal for high traffic.Neat, easy to clean around, looks great, large capacity ideal for high traffic. Poor quality options can leak or be vandalised.
Wall mounted soap dispenserNeat, easy to clean around, looks great, large capacity ideal for high traffic.Poor quality options can leak or be vandalised.

If you ask us, there’s really no question between a common bottle of soap and a sleek countertop or wall mounted soap dispenser.

Liquid vs. foaming soap dispensers

A liquid soap dispenser produces soap in its liquid form, while a foaming soap dispenser mixes the soap with air to deliver a soap lather. The jury is out on whether one choice is better over the other; liquid soap encourages the user to rub their hands to produce a rich lather which can help to reduce microbial load in the process, but foam soap can be more pleasant or even fun to use. It’s really a matter of personal choice on this one.

Manual vs. automatic soap dispensers

An automatic soap dispenser can cost slightly more to install and run, but it can also provide a better experience than a manual option. Users can place their hand underneath the sensor without the need to touch any surfaces, reducing the shared surfaces that can spread bacteria and viruses. For this reason automatic dispensers can be ideal for high traffic areas, medical environments and facilities where food is being prepared. On the other hand, a manual dispenser generally costs less to install and run, doesn’t require batteries and users can easily dispense more soap if needed. This decision really comes down to the size and location of your washroom facilities.

Form and function

The final consideration is form and function. You’ll want a quality lockable soap dispenser that is difficult for vandals to get into, easy to use and also easy and mess-free to refill. The good news is that you don’t need to choose between a highly functional soap dispenser and one that looks fantastic too. There are modern designs for every combination of the above factors, including our range of black soap dispensers and other accessories that complement the most sophisticated new bathroom designs.

The team at Davidson Washroom can help you to choose and install commercial washroom products to ensure your amenities are clean, safe and appealing for users, including the quality European Mediclinics range. Contact us now to get started.