8 Washroom Accessories Your Commercial Washroom Needs

There are a number of bathroom accessories that you should be providing in your commercial washrooms, whether through compliance with regulations or to simply ensure a pleasant experience for washroom users. Here, we cover the eight essential washroom accessories to consider for your checklist and the commercial bathroom supplies to equip them.

Soap dispensers

A soap dispenser (or preferably several) will be a must-have for any hygienic l washroom. You’ll have the choice of either liquid or foam dispensers, and of manual or automatic operation to suit your facilities. Be sure to check out our new range of black washroom accessories including soap dispensers that look fantastic in contemporary bathroom designs.

Paper towel dispensers and/or hand dryers

For hygienic hands, it’s important to provide both soap and a way to dry hands effectively and efficiently. Some facilities managers choose to install high speed hand dryers while others choose paper towel dispensers, and in many cases both might be installed in the same washroom. Consider a quality hand dryer brand such as Mediclinics for reliable and quiet performance. This brand in particular offers some of the fastest drying times in the world, at between 8 and 15 seconds.

Toilet paper dispensers

You’ll naturally need to install toilet paper dispensers in your washroom facilities, and a multi-roll dispenser will help you ensure toilet paper doesn’t run out quickly – that’s good news for both your cleaners and the people who use the washroom! Look for strong, vandal-proof designs that are well suited to high traffic areas.

Sanitary bins

Sanitary bins are an important part of providing ‘suitable and sufficient’ sanitary conveniences mandated in Australia’s Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) regulations, and these days they’re expected in almost every washroom environment. The new automatically-opening options are tidy and easy to use, while clever products like the continuous liner cartridges in our PodTM Petite range provide a fuss-free experience for your cleaning team.

Sharps containers

Ideally every washroom in Australia would have a sharps container, because many people with various medical conditions rely on these containers for the safe disposal of needles and other sharps. It’s vital to choose an Australian Standard Sharps container to ensure the whole community is kept safe against injury or infection.

Baby change tables

Baby change tables are a very welcome addition to any washroom facilities. These must be safe, strong and reliable. In an ideal situation these would be either installed in a unisex baby change room, or in both male and female bathrooms so all parents can use the feature.

Air and toilet fresheners

We all know it’s nice to walk into a bathroom that smells fresh and clean, and there are a number of air and toilet fresheners that will make the washroom a pleasant environment for all users. Wall mounted air fresheners work best in commercial washroom facilities, as cleaners can easily clean around them without needing to move them first.

Hand and toilet seat sanitisers

A toilet seat sanitiser isn’t an absolute must, but it is certainly nice to have! These bathroom accessories add extra comfort and reassurance for washroom users. Hand sanitiser dispensers are invaluable additions, particularly in the bathrooms of healthcare environments and food preparation areas. These can be installed with either manual or automatic sensor operation.

Davidson Washroom has all the washroom accessories and bathroom consumables you need to keep your facilities equipped and ready for use. Have questions? Our team is always happy to help.