Black Is Back! 4 Black Washroom Products You Need

If you’re managing bathroom facilities in a quality hotel, health spa, restaurant or other high-end environment, you’ll want these bathrooms to have a touch of luxe about them. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock will know that sleek, black bathroom accessories are right on trend at the moment, and this isn’t just a passing fad – black is a neutral tone and will continue to look fantastic for many years to come. The good news is that chic black accessories aren’t confined to private bathrooms, because we’ve just released a new range of black commercial washroom accessories, including:

Black hand dryers

Quality European brand Mediclinics is now producing their much-respected models in sophisticated black and these are available exclusively through Davidson Washroom. These include the Saniflow, the Mediflow, Dualflow Plus, Machflow and Speed Flow models, all with outstanding warranties and fast drying times. The Mediclinics Machflow dries in an industry-leading 8 to 12 seconds!

Black soap dispensers

The new line of modern black soap dispensers will encourage everyone to practice good hand hygiene. There’s an automatic foaming soap dispenser and a manual liquid soap option to suit your needs, both ideal for high traffic bathrooms thanks to their high capacity tanks. These two models will complement the entire range of Mediclinics black accessories for a cohesive bathroom aesthetic.

Black paper towel dispensers

A distinctive alternative to standard white dispensers, our Mediclinics black paper towel dispenser includes models to suit C/Z folded paper towels. They look beautiful, and are strong and streamlined with a narrow window to easily see when they need to be refilled. There’s also a special key to lock the system so vandals won’t ever have the chance to cause havoc.

Black toilet roll holders

The toilet cubicle is about to get a touch of luxury too! Our black toilet roll holder dispensers are available in a two-roll model for low to medium traffic washrooms, while the jumbo dispenser for industrial rolls has never looked so good as it does in matte black. Both are quality made and vandal-proof.

The benefit of black bathroom accessories is that they work with almost any bathroom design, from a light and bright concept to something more luxurious or indulgent in premium hotel bathrooms. Our team at Davidson Washroom is always here to help you find the most suitable washroom accessories and commercial bathroom supplies for your needs, so get in touch today.