4 Surprising Facts About Hand Dryers You Didn’t Know

If people don’t give a lot of thought to electric hand dryers, it’s probably because these unobtrusive machines are designed to make our lives easier and safer without much fuss. But dive into the world of these modern drying machines, and you might just be surprised by the advances and controversies that surround the topic.… Details

The History and Future of Hand Dryers

While the hand dryers we use every day may not seem like revolutionary pieces of technology, they actually represent an extraordinary evolution in hand sanitisation. Obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis first cottoned onto the importance of clean hands in the 1840s, although his theory wasn’t taken seriously for many years. Imagine Semmelweis’s delight if he could have… Details
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How to Use a Hand Dryer the Right Way to Reduce Germs

We’ve been taught hand hygiene from our very early years, but how much thought do we give to the humble hand dryer on a daily basis? The truth is that many of us don’t take the time to wash and dry our hands in the most hygienic way. So here it is – a crash course… Details

Fact or Myth – Are Hand Dryers Better for The Environment?

It’s a commonly debated topic and a surprisingly nuanced question – are electric hand dryers or paper towels a better choice for the environment? While it would be useful to have a definitive answer (and many have tried), variations in bathroom traffic, hand dryer models, efficiency, waste management and various other factors means that the… Details