5 Washroom Products You Didn’t Know Your Bathroom Was Missing

Think your bathroom facilities offer all the essentials? You might be surprised by how investing in a few items can make a significant improvement to the way the space functions. Here are the five bathroom products and washroom accessories that clients most often overlook, and the ways that they can improve your bathroom’s hygiene and… Details
hand washing

The Link Between Poor Sanitation and Your Overall Health

If someone told you that it would take a bit of soap, some water and 30 seconds to save a life, would you believe them? It may seem hard to believe, but this is the reality for millions of people around the world. Having access to clean water, proper treatment of sewage and hand washing… Details
women's bathroom

How Is Sanitary Waste Disposed Of?

In any women’s or unisex bathroom there should be a sanitary bin available for the collection of feminine hygiene products – this is indeed a requirement for workplaces by Work Safe Australia, and key to any well-managed public washroom facility. But are there any rules around what to do with sanitary waste, and how is… Details
Toilet Seat Sanitiser Spray

How to Use A Toilet Seat Sanitiser Spray

Toilet sanitation is key to keeping commercial or public restrooms clean. But what exactly is a toilet seat sanitiser, how exactly does it work and how do you use it? What is a toilet seat sanitiser dispenser? Whether it’s in an office or a shopping centre, a public toilet that is used by multiple people… Details