5 Washroom Products You Didn’t Know Your Bathroom Was Missing

Think your bathroom facilities offer all the essentials? You might be surprised by how investing in a few items can make a significant improvement to the way the space functions. Here are the five bathroom products and washroom accessories that clients most often overlook, and the ways that they can improve your bathroom’s hygiene and user experience.

  1. Sharps containers

    Many may think that sharps containers only belong in public toilets, however spare a thought for people with diabetes or other medical conditions who need to use lancets, insulin needles or other sharps to get through their day. A tamper and puncture-proof sharps container provides a safe depository for used sharps and peace of mind for all bathroom users. These containers also help to protect your cleaning staff, because they reduce the need for needles and sharps to be placed in the general rubbish.

    Suitable sharps systems are ultimately designed to protect people from needle stick injuries as well as blood borne pathogens, which can include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


  2. Jumbo toilet roll dispensers

    If you’re managing high-traffic bathroom facilities you’ll know that keeping on top of cleaning and replenishing bathroom supplies can be a challenge at times! Regular restocking of consumables such as toilet rolls can mean more cost to your business or organisation, and more complexity in managing cleaning staff. Cut down your bathroom maintenance schedule to a reasonable frequency, and you’ll cut down your costs too.

    If your facilities do see a lot of traffic, you might consider upgrading your toilet roll dispensers to jumbo toilet roll dispensers. The paper rolls are available in 300m and 500m lengths, meaning you won’t need to replenish them anywhere near as often. Bathroom users will also be less likely to run out of paper and need someone else to hand them loo paper under the cubicle! We call that a win-win.


  3. Automated sanitary bins

    Sanitary bins in public, school and workplace bathrooms make life so much easier and more pleasant for women and girls. Sanitary products have come a long way from the clunky and poorly-designed sanitary bins of old.

    If you don’t have sanitary waste bins installed in your washroom or haven’t updated these in a while, consider investing in automated systems that make that time of the month much more pleasant and hygienic. The user doesn’t need to touch the unit to dispose of their products, and the unit mechanisms have become incredibly quiet which keeps things discreet. New sanitary bins also tend to be much easier and safer to empty with the use of liners.


  4. Baby change tables

    Many bathroom facilities have baby change tables, but these change tables are often old and unsightly! Worst of all is that some outdated models may not meet Australian standards for safety. Older products may not include a harness, may not include roll-off protection or may even have parts that have become brittle or could break off.

    If you haven’t updated your facility’s baby change tables in a while, consider upgrading to a modern, safety-compliant new model that will immediately improve the appearance of your facilities at the same time. We know that mothers will be grateful for a changing table that is nicer, easier and most importantly, safer to use!


  5. Sanitiser dispensers

    Hand sanitiser dispensers may seem like an unnecessary investment for some facilities managers, but consider how people use your bathrooms. If your washrooms are in a hospital, clinic or medical environment, hand sanitiser dispensers can provide an additional and invaluable line of defence against healthcare associated infections. Bathrooms in food production companies and fast food franchises can also benefit from a higher standard in hand hygiene.

    It’s unrealistic to think every bathroom user will follow the full hand hygiene routine on every single bathroom visit (this can include staff who may be rushed or inadequately educated on hand hygiene). Hand sanitiser can provide a quick and easy additional step that may kill off harmful bacteria that has remained on the hands, leading to greater wellbeing for everyone.

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