How to Choose a High Traffic Hand Dryer

If you’re planning or outfitting a high volume restroom, you’ll know that using the right equipment can improve the flow, usability and safety of that facility. The real challenge can be in finding the right products that can keep up with high traffic. These are the features to look out for when selecting your electric hand dryer for busy restrooms.

High speed and power

In high traffic restrooms, it’s essential to cut down the time people take to wash and dry their hands so doorways and walkways aren’t blocked, which is why it’s a good idea to choose a high-speed hand dryer model over conventional hand dryers. Look for hand dryers that will dry hands in under 10-15 seconds so people can get in and out of the restroom area quickly and clear the way for others.

Low operating volumes

Whether you’re finding hand dryers for business, airports or schools, you’ll want to find a model that doesn’t drown out all other noise in the vicinity. After all, a loud hand dryer could mean that students miss important school announcements, or even that passengers miss their flight! We choose to stock the Mediclinics brand because significant time and research has been put into sound dampening and quiet operation for these hand dryers – in many cases, around half the volume of other products.

High traffic commercial bathroom

Economical operation

When your commercial hand dryer could be drying hundreds of hands each day, it will pay to ask about how economical it is to operate. Airport, museum or restaurant hand dryers will offer significant efficiencies over paper towel equivalents, and some high speed models can be up to five times more efficient than conventional electronic models. Even without doing the math it’s easy to realise that this could benefit the budget significantly for your organisation or business.

Reliable product warranties

A quality hand dryer is an investment that will offer excellent value if properly maintained. Ensure that the product you choose for your high volume area has been through thorough Quality Assurance processes and ask about the product warranty. Our European-made Mediclinics range comes with some of the longest warranties in Australia, providing peace of mind and guaranteed performance in the long term.

Vandal proof casings

If you’re choosing a hand dryer for a public bathroom or high school where people might be tempted to fiddle with the installed equipment, then a tamper-proof model will be essential. Look for low profile hand dryers with thick and solid casings, minimal external working parts to cut down on possible damage, and sloped or rounded tops that make it difficult to leave items behind.

For a clearer picture of available products, head to our page on choosing the right hand dryer for your needs or call the Davidson Washroom team today.