Conventional Hand Dryers vs. High Speed Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are now an expected feature in many public facilities, but it can seem almost impossible to simply choose the right one! There are the tried and tested conventional hand dryers, and there are the new high speed options. In both categories, there are superior brands and models. So which option is right for your facility? When it comes to choosing the right hand dryer for your restrooms, consider these aspects before you buy.

Commercial Hand Dryers

Drying speed

Drying speed is important in a busy washroom facility to ensure everyone leaves with dry, hygienic hands. In this respect high speed hand dryers easily come out in front, although conventional hand dryers have certainly come a long way in design. Mediclinics hand dryers have some of the world’s fastest average drying times of between 8 and 15 seconds, which enable bathroom users to minimise their time in the bathroom and can therefore improve traffic flow.

Operating volume

Some noise will always be necessary for an effective air stream and a quick drying of hands, however modern engineering has mastered the art of quiet operation. High speed hand dryers can be louder than conventional dryers, so it pays to ask about operating volume for any models that you are considering. Options such as the Mediclinics Speedflow can be half as quiet as other high speed models on the market.

Energy efficiency

You may think that high speed, powerful hand dryers would take more energy to dry hands quickly, but with the right design the complete opposite is true. Modern high speed hand dryers are designed to be incredibly energy efficient – in fact, they can be more than 5x more energy efficient than conventional models. That could mean a greener bathroom facility and a plus for your brand’s sustainability principles.

Initial outlay and operating costs

Hand in hand with energy efficiency comes operating costs. High speed hand dryers can have a higher initial outlay than conventional models, however high speed models are faster and designed to be ultra-efficient – which means their electricity usage and costs can be as little as 80% of standard costs. This is particularly important to consider in a high traffic bathroom where dryers might be used every few minutes, as the savings can quickly add up.

Appearance and design

The good news is that whether you’re looking at a conventional or a high speed hand dryer, there are stylish options to choose from. Modern European designs have become sleek, stylish and sophisticated, and often available in stainless steel, crisp white and chic black variations. Your bathroom facilities may require an extremely elegant or a super compact solution – either way, there will be a design to suit.

The right choice between a conventional and high speed hand dryer will depend entirely on your restrooms and how people use them. While smaller facilities may find excellent value in conventional hand dryers, others may find that high speed hand dryers better suit their needs. No matter your facility and your requirements, our team is always available to help you find the best hand dryers for commercial and public facilities.