A Guide to Installing a Hand Dryer

Hand dryer installation in a commercial facility is a job you’ll want done right the first time, as there are safety factors, regulations and bathroom layouts to take into consideration. Here’s how to install a hand dryer safely, correctly and efficiently.

Book a qualified electrician

Hard-wired hand dryers look tidier and are harder to tamper with than plug-in models. Because improper installation could lead to a risk of electrical shocks, power outages or fires, plug-in models will require a qualified electrician for installation. Once you have selected your hand dryer model, book in your qualified electrician with plenty of notice. Be sure to notify them if there are multiple hand dryers to install, which can cut down on installation costs per machine. The electrician should know how to install an electric hand dryer, however keep in mind that they may need a second person around to hold the dryer while wiring is installed.

Familiarise yourself with Australian safety and accessibility standards

Before your installation electrician arrives, it’s wise to identify the ideal location for your hand dryer. There are Australian standards to ensure your hand dryers can be easily reached. Depending on the age and gender of the people the washroom is intended for, a downward-blowing hand dryer should be installed between 900mm and 1100mm between the module’s bottom outlet and the finished floor. Meanwhile, for blade dryers (where hands are placed down and into the space) this gap should be measured from the top of the module to the finished floor level. Hand dryers should also be located at least 500mm from corners to enable access for wheelchair-bound visitors.

Read through the installation manual

Thoroughly read through the installation manual that arrives packaged with your hand dryer, and have this ready for your electrician to refer to as needed. It’s also important to consider how the washroom space will be used before the installation process begins. An electric hand dryer shouldn’t be placed behind swinging doors or in high-traffic thoroughfares where people might be waiting. You’ll also want to consider whether the path between sink and dryer could lead to people dripping water on the floor where it can become a slipping hazard. A little planning goes a long way in this regard! The manual that arrives with the product will cover how to safely clean the hand dryer and how to know when the water tank needs emptying.

For specific installation advice on any of our Mediclinics hand dryers, please contact the friendly Davidson Washroom team.