Hand Dryer Heights for Disabled Toilets in Australia
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Almost one in five Australians live with some sort of disability. When planning your new public washroom it is vital to carefully consider and plan your disabled access spaces for optimal usability. Let’s take a look at the correct height and other factors to consider when installing hand dryers in disabled bathrooms.  

What is the correct height of a hand dryer in a disabled toilet?

When installing a disabled toilet hand dryer at the right height in Australia it is necessary to comply with the Australian Standard Design for access and mobility General requirements for access – New building work.   The Standard states that the main components or outlets of hand dryers, soap dispensers, towel dispensers and similar fittings must be installed between 900mm and 1100mm above the finished floor, and 500mm or further from any corners in a disabled access bathroom. These fittings must also be fully operational with one hand.  

Choosing speed and noise factors

As well as using the appropriate hand dryer height in a disabled toilet within Australia, it’s also important to consider other aspects of usability. Blade dryers require the user to stand up, so are generally impractical for a disabled washroom. Instead, a wall mounted hand dryer can be operated with one button or an autosensor, and used from the same height or from below the outlet.   Some people with disabilities could have sensitivities to loud noises, so think about whether you will need to select a hand dryer with quiet operation. In addition, some people with disabilities may have reduced energy or mobility, so a fast-working, high speed dryer will be a sensible choice.   Space is also a highly important feature within disabled bathrooms, so look to low-profile hand dryers to provide more space for a wheelchair to be maneuvered in the room.  

Ideal hand dryers for disabled washrooms

Davidson Washroom has a number of suitable hand dryer products to suit disabled washrooms. Some meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements for disabled washrooms, which are more detailed than Australian standards and as such can be an ideal choice. In particular, our Mediclinics Speedflow range is the only dryer of its type to meet the US legal requirements without any modifications to the building. Speedflow products all offer a low profile, smooth design with no sharp corners and fast and quiet operation.   If you would like assistance choosing the right hand dryer for your commercial washrooms within Australia, view our selection guide and contact our team today.