How to Clean & Maintain Your Washroom’s Nappy Bin

Nappy and sanitary bins are a must when it comes to providing quality washroom facilities, but what do you do when it comes to emptying, cleaning and maintaining a nappy disposal bin? Whether you’re planning baby change facilities for a shopping centre, airport, medical centre or hotel, you’ll have two options to keep these bins in top condition.

Your options for nappy bin cleaning

  • Hiring a professional service

    Facilities managers will quite often choose to engage a nappy hygiene company to manage their nappy bins. There are many service providers to choose from, including those with an environmental focus. Many will require you to use their own baby nappy bin designs, which can look unsightly if they include overt labelling from the business. There’s also the cost to factor into the equation.

  • Cleaning nappy bins in-house

    Facilities can make significant savings by having their in-house cleaning team service their nappy bins. The best nappy bin units will have good capacity and also be easy to empty. It’s important that staff wear PPE such as thick gloves to eliminate the risk of any contact with bodily fluids or sharps. Here’s the straightforward five-step cleaning process:

    1. Remove the lid and tie a knot in the bin liner before removing it from the bin. Full liner bags should be placed into another lined receptacle with care, in case there are any sharps in the bag. These contents can be disposed of through general waste.
    2. Remove any debris from the bottom of the baby nappy bin.
    3. Wipe down the interior surfaces with a sanitary or disinfectant product, and allow to air dry.
    4. Give exterior surfaces a wipe down with disinfectant, paying particular attention to any touch points such as the lid.
    5. Fit the bin with a fresh liner and any purifier pads or granules you’re using to deodorise the unit.

A word on maintenance

While quality nappy bins are built to last, it’s worth giving them and your other washroom facilities a good inspection every few months. Simply check that the plastic is in good condition, lids open and close easily and that the unit looks generally tidy in the washroom.

Here at Davidson Washroom we offer a sleek dark grey 42L model nappy bin that blends well into any bathroom environment, but can also provide this in any custom colour you require. We can also supply nappy bin liners and cleaning liquids to ensure your baby change facilities stay fresh, tidy and hygienic.