How to Install a Hand Dryer

If you need to install a new hand dryer in your commercial washroom, the process doesn’t need to be a complicated one. Follow these steps on how to install a hand dryer safely and correctly.

Select a hard-wired or plug-in option

First, choose whether you’re going to be installing hard-wired or plug-in hand dryers. If you’re planning to simply plug a new dryer into an existing power outlet you can mount the product onto the wall yourself. If you choose to hardwire the equipment, you’ll need to book a qualified electrician to carry out the installation.

Check installation requirements

Hand dryers in commercial washrooms will need to comply with certain state and national building codes, whether you’re installing in a large washroom or a disabled restroom. Read up on your local standards or ask our team who may be able to point you in the right direction, so you can be sure of any height or profile restrictions.

Choose your dryer model

The next step is to choose a suitable hand dryer model for your commercial washroom. Do you need quiet operation, high speed dryers or low profile designs for a smaller space? Speak with the team at Davidson Washroom who can help you to find the ideal European-made dryer model and have your order delivered with a short turnaround.

Hand dryer - blue image

Consider the room layout

As well as any legal requirements, you’ll also want to consider the optimal placement for hand dryers so washroom visitors can easily use them. Keep dryers away from doorways, tight spaces and away from sinks and other installed equipment such as paper towel dispensers. Consider how people will flow throughout the space during busy times, and where people might be queueing too.

Pay attention to the installation manual

Because every hand dryer will be unique in size and shape, it should come with a hand dryer installation manual and placement guide to help you optimise its positioning. This documentation is there to help you, so read through it prior to installation and take note of any recommendations.

Carry out installation

Regardless of whether you are installing a plug-in model or having an electrician install the system for you, you will need to affix the hand dryer securely to the wall with screws. Once installed, it’s a good idea to request a Davidson Washroom service technician to ensure your new equipment is up and running efficiently. That’s it – your hand dryer is now installed!