Interview With eHA Founding Member Dan Dryer

‘Electric Hand Drying is the Future’ Says Susanne Friis Eden, eHA Founding Member & Managing Director of DAN DRYER

There has been a widely-publicised debate in previous years on whether or not electric hand drying is hygienic. This has caused many to question the effectiveness and viability of the conventional electrical hand dryer. In response, a movement was started among electric hand drying companies: the formation of the electric Handdryer Association (eHA). The eHA endeavours to not only disprove the claims that electric hand drying is unhygienic, but also promote the growth of and developments in the electric hand dryer industry.

In an interview with Susanne Friis Eden, eHA founding member and Managing Director of DAN DRYER, eHA’s stand and views were further clarified. Below is the bulk of the interview, first published on eHA’s official website in December, 2017.

Question: You and your company are about to found the electric hand dryer association together with other big players from the hand dryer industry. What is your motivation?

Susanne Friis Eden, Managing Director of DAN DRYER

Susanne Friis Eden: Although we as manufacturers of electric hand dryers are competitors, we feel that it’s important to raise our voices and talk about the increasing problem with CO2 emissions and consumption of paper. United we stand stronger in this respect. We believe that we all have a moral obligation to engage in fighting the environmental challenges.

Question: Is there any visible trend in your main sales market or country where the use of electric hand dryers has raised? Which sectors are offering the strongest growth prospects?

Susanne Friis Eden: Today people are increasingly conscious of good hygiene and elegant interior in public toilets. We see a trend towards more and more customers focusing not only of function but also on design. On top of that an electric hand dryer is a far more economic choice than paper and reduces cleaning.

Question: There are allegations that electric hand dryers are not hygienic? What do you say about it?

Susanne Friis Eden: Our studies show the opposite; a conventional electrical hand dryer heats the air to a temperature at which bacteria cannot survive. Thus, the air striking your hands will contain less bacteria than the air you breathe in. Unfortunately, we have seen some reports that twist the information and thus public some results we cannot recognize.

Question: Your message is: Electric hand drying is the system of the future. Why?

Susanne Friis Eden: Our agenda is to create an awareness of the overuse of paper and the increasing CO2 emissions. An electrical hand dryer is in our opinion the most economical and nature-friendly way to dry your hands.

Today’s electric hand dryers are more innovative than ever, utilising modern antibacterial materials and HEPA filter technology to limit the spread of harmful germs and dust. They’re also more economical, operating with the least amount of energy required. This energy efficiency combined with the fact that they require limited to no cleaning and waste disposal, make electric hand dryers truly, the best hand drying solution of the future.