Our Top Tips for Maintaining Your Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are fast, effective, and modern options are more efficient and quieter than ever before, but how do you care for these machines to ensure you get the best performance and longevity for your investment? While it won’t take much effort some regular cleaning and attention can make a big difference, and can save you significant money in the long run. Our hand dryer specialists have compiled their top maintenance tips below.

Clearing air filters, inlets and outlets
A hand dryer is designed to work efficiently but it won’t be able to do so if there is grime, dust or other air pollutants clogging up the apertures where air flows in and out of the machine. As with most machines, hand dryers will benefit from regular cleaning. Make a note to attend to each hand dryer at least every six months by using a soft brush to clear air inlets and outlets, and refer to your user’s guide to see when and how the air filter should be cleaned or changed, if it has one.

Disinfecting outside surfaces
Every surface in a washroom facility will ideally be regularly wiped down with an antibacterial cleaning agent – after all, shared bathrooms can host a myriad of bacteria and viruses across most surfaces. These can include E. coli, influenza, MRSA, salmonella, norovirus and fecal bacteria. In one study, close to 78,000 different pathogens were identified in just a handful of public bathroom facilities. Regularly touched surfaces are the most likely to transmit harmful pathogens between people, so disinfecting your hand dryer buttons and surfaces is an important part of maintaining general bathroom and hand dryer hygiene.

Checking the power supply
As a facilities manager you’ll probably be scheduling a regular test-and-tag for electrical equipment and outlets by a licensed electrician, and it also doesn’t hurt to visually assess the power supplies for your electric hand dryers on a regular basis to ensure everything is working as it should be. Is there water or dirt anywhere near the power supply? Is each hand dryer working as efficiently as it should, or have you noticed impaired consistency or air flow? If you ever notice anything other than optimal performance, it’s time to book in a visit from a professional.

Booking routine inspections
A hot air hand dryer requires minimal maintenance, but it is worth booking in a regular service – for example, every 12 months for a bathroom with normal traffic – to ensure everything is working smoothly. This will ensure your machines are as quiet, powerful and efficient as they possibly can be, which will keep your bathroom operating costs to a minimum. Your Davidson Washroom team can help to arrange regular servicing that is affordable and reliable.

Of course, it’s important to take notice of the user manual which comes packaged with your hand dryer for specific instructions on filter cleaning and maintenance steps. And as always, our team is here to help you with everything hand dryers, from choosing the right model to after-sales support.