Promotional Hand Hygiene Activities for Your Business

Despite learning from a very young age to wash and dry our hands after going to the bathroom, many people don’t prioritise hand hygiene and even more fail to wash effectively. Businesses must therefore use hygiene promotion messages to ensure the good hygiene of their staff and patrons.

Promotional Hand Hygiene Activities for Your Business

Why is hand hygiene important?

Put simply, hand hygiene and hand sanitisation is vital in reducing the spreading of germs and illnesses. This is good practice in general but is particularly important for businesses that deal with food or members of the public. Poor hand hygiene in airports, schools, restaurants or hospitals for example could result in the rapid spreading of viruses and illnesses.

What are hygiene promotion messages?

Hygiene promotion messages and hygiene promotion activities could significantly reduce the spreading of germs and illnesses. In an ideal world, people should be able to adequately wash and sanitise their hands but in reality, they need constant prompting. Hygiene promotion messages serve as reminders on the importance of hand hygiene as well as guidance on how to properly sanitise your hands.

What hygiene promotion activities should I use?

Follow The Signs

Signs are the most traditional communication method when it comes to hygiene promotion messages. But they don’t need to be boring and dry. Get creative! Use catchy phrases, interesting imagery and infographics.

Feel free to make them amusing. Use statistics to point out the health benefits or good hand hygiene (or awful consequences of bad hand hygiene). Be direct in your language to engage the reader.

Sign placement is also important. The back of the stall doors is a great place to put an engaging and thought-provoking sign whilst above the sink is another obvious place. You could also place signs on the exit door to serve as a final reminder.

Have the Right Washroom Products

People are inherently lazy and always want the easiest option. They will avoid doing something at the slightest inconvenience so make sure your washroom is functioning properly so that they have no excuses!

Make sure your soap dispensers are working and properly stocked. You can also give people further options such as hand sanitisers to promote hygiene.

Installing and maintaining effective hand dryers also streamlines the processes of washing and drying your hands which makes people more likely to do so.

Be Competitive

Promote hand hygiene by engaging your staff in a competition. You can run hand hygiene audits and create league tables out of the results or ask your employees to compete against each other to design their own hand hygiene promotion messages. Make it a fun and constant part of your office culture so that hand hygiene becomes not only a habit but a point of pride!

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